Are you interested in volunteering at A.B. Paterson College? The College is always appreciative of parents who are willing to offer their help and expertise in the coaching of teams, or supporting other activities. We are always grateful for parents who have the skill and time to assist us. There are many opportunities in which to help, and it is a great way to become involved in the A.B. Paterson College community.

Co-curricular Activities

Assisting with co-curricular activities is another wonderful way to engage with the College community.


The College is always appreciative of parents who are willing to offer their help in the coaching and management of sporting teams, or supporting other activities. Times vary according to the commitment, and our staff would be most grateful for your assistance. Sports include:

AFL, Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Cross Country, Football, Golf, Hockey, Netball, Newcombeball, Rugby, Softball, Swimming, Tennis, Table Tennis, Touch Football, Volleyball and Water Polo.

Clubs & Societies

Some of these co-curricular activity clubs and societies include Chess, Public Speaking, Debating, Mock Trials, Duke of Edinburgh, ICT Explorers Club, Zenith Club and our Interact Club to name but a few.

Contact: Mr Ian Taylor, Director of Activities at ITaylor@abpat.qld.edu.au

Service Learning Activities

The College is commencing a number of leading Service Learning programmes within the College. These programmes often require a longer term commitment. Interested parents are asked to register their interest with the Director of Positive Education and Leadership.

Contact: Ms Toni Kirton, Director of Positive Education and Leadership (TKirton@abpat.qld.edu.au)

Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop is located on campus and supplies all items of uniform, other than sports shoes.  This is very beneficial to busy parents, who can pick up items of clothing before school, or later in the day, depending on their schedules.

The Shop is run by a paid Convenor and her assistant, both with retail experience, who ensure stock is available, and items carefully sourced and priced.  Volunteer helpers are essential to the smooth running of the Shop, particularly at the beginning and end of each year when parents are outfitting their children.

This is another excellent way for parents to meet one another and play an important role in supporting the College.  The environment in the Uniform Shop is friendly and co-operative and we welcome new helpers.

Contact: Ms Susan Kelly, Uniform Shop Convenor (SKelly@abpat.qld.edu.au)

Friends of A.B. Paterson College

The Friends of A.B. Paterson College is primarily a ‘friend raising’ organisation, but does support the College by providing important materials and resources for students.  The Friends of A.B. Paterson College does not undertake major fund raising initiatives, but does co-ordinate food stalls at a number of College events to assist in raising funds to support students. There are many opportunities to get involved in College life through the Association, such as assisting at the Splendid Vision Art Show, Swimming Carnivals, Public Speaking, the College Musical, and the co-ordination of Morning Teas and special functions.

Contact: Ms Lisa Lang, Chair of Friends of A.B. Paterson College at fab@abpat.qld.edu.au