Einstein once said: “Life without playing music is inconceivable to me. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music... I get most joy in life out of music”. And as it turns out, Einstein was onto something: many studies show a correlation between musical training and academic success, in both children and adults. Learning to play an instrument stimulates the brain, improving functions like memory and abstract reasoning skills, which are essential for math and science.

Tuition at the College is delivered by a highly competent team of private tutors, many of whom are professional performers themselves.  Lessons are available on most string, woodwind and brass instruments as well as piano, guitar, drum kit, and orchestral percussion.  Lessons are delivered weekly for 30 minutes on a rotational basis, with preference for before and after school lessons given to Year 12 students and those with special needs.

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Please note there is strict enforcement of policy regarding private instrumental lessons and to avoid future misunderstandings, please make yourself familiar with the policy.