A.B. Paterson College Swimming Programs

Learn to Swim Program

Welcome to the A.B. Paterson College Learn to Swim Program.  Our qualified teachers provide the ideal balance of swimming skills and water safety in a safe and friendly environment.  Small classes are graded with children of similar ability to ensure optimum learning.

We cater for children from 3 years and upwards.  Gaining confidence and autonomy in the water is the first step; then children are introduced to freestyle and backstroke, followed by breaststroke and butterfly.

When children have attained a reasonable level of skill in all four competitive strokes, including relevant starts and turns, they then move to our squad training program.

Swimmers are grouped according to ability. Time allocation is dependent on swimming levels.  There is a low swimmer to teacher ratio in our classes with qualified instructors.  The pool temperature is 29 degrees all year round. 

Early Childhood Learn to Swim Program

Each school term, we run half hour swimming lessons on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings for Early Childhood children.  The childcare staff can deliver the children to and from their lesson.  Parents are always welcome to come and watch their child’s lesson.

After School Learn to Swim Program

We operate learn to swim classes each afternoon during the school term (from 3pm to 5pm).  We cater for swimmers starting at Prep age.  The program consists of half hour lessons for small groups of similar ability. Class times are allocated according to the group's ability level.

Holiday Intensive Program

Through the school holiday periods, we run a week intensive program.  Intensive swim programs are a great way to boost your child’s swimming skills.  The program involves 5 x 30 minutes lessons, conducted Monday to Friday (at the same time each morning) on a weekly basis.

Learn to Swim Trading Terms

For Early Childhood swimmers or non A.B. Paterson College students in our after school program, term fees are to be paid prior to the commencement of the term.  If fees are not paid by the commencement of term, swimmers will not be allowed to participate in the class. For A.B. Paterson College students, term swimming lesson fees are added to your child’s school account. Enrolment fees are on a term basis – no refunds or make-ups will be made on classes missed.  We thank you for your assistance.

Squad Program

Squads are organised to reflect the ability and fitness of the swimmer from Recreational right through to State and National level. 

Our staff and instructors are all fully qualified and hold a current Blue Card.

Our Program

Transition Squad: This is the next step up from LTS. Swimmers in these squads will be able to easily swim 25 metres freestyle and backstroke. The focus is the development of freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke, and the introduction of butterfly, race starts, turns and finishes.  Please note that you do not have to transition from our school LTS program. If your child is doing LTS somewhere else, then they can certainly attend our transition squads.
Session duration: 1 hour (approximately) 2 sessions per week

Swimmers can display a reasonable competency in freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke and are developing their butterfly. The focus is the development of all strokes, race starts, turns & finishes and learning how to read a pace clock for interval training.
Session duration: 1 – 1 hour 30 minutes (approximately); two or more sessions per week.

Junior and Senior Squads: The focus is a structured seasonal programme, with an emphasis on technique, endurance, speed and race skills in preparation for school competitions, plus Local, State and National Club swimming competitions.
Session duration: 2 hours (approximately) recommended weekly attendance: 
                                                Junior 3-4 sessions
                                                Senior: 5-8 sessions per week
Participation in Junior and Senior squads will be dependent on the ability and fitness of the swimmer. Our Head Coach, Mr Gee, will personally coach the Senior Squad programme. He also has oversight of the coaches working with the other squads.

Recreational Squads: For swimmers Year 4 upwards. These squads are for those swimmers who just want to swim for fitness, or the pure enjoyment of swimming. There is no requirement apart from the fact that the assessed swimmer must be able to swim 25m and 50m sets over the hour programme. Please note that these squads are not available in the morning and only on specific afternoons. For swimmers Year 4 upwards.

Please note that you can no longer just turn up to a training session. Any new swimmer ,who wishes to attend any squad, must be assessed before beginning training. This can be done by contacting the pool on 5561 4167 and talking to our coaching staff about how we can assess your child for squad training. Please respect that the assessment and placement of swimmers into specific groups is at the Coach’s discretion.  We thank you for your co-operation.

Squad Days and Times
Learn to Swim
– Monday to Friday from 3:00 pm to 5:00pm during school terms. Bookings are essential.
Transition Squad: Monday and Wednesday from 3:30 to 4:30 pm
Mini-Squads: Monday and Wednesday mornings from 6:00 am, Thursday afternoon from 3:30 pm
Junior and Senior Squads: Monday to Friday from 6:00 am and also from 3:30 pm.
Recreational Squads: Tuesday and Wednesday from 3:30 pm.

Enrolment and Attendance for Squads: To comply with Workplace Health & Safety requirements, all squad swimmers will have to enrol for squad training, unless they are a member of the A.B. Paterson College Swimming Club. This enrolment will cover the 2015 school year, and is simply a matter of filling out and signing the appropriate form available from the pool office.
Signing In: All swimmers must sign in on the form outside the kiosk for every session they attend.
Punctuality: Swimmers should aim to arrive at morning squad sessions at least 15 minutes prior to commencement and be ready to swim at the correct starting time. We may ask those who habitually arrive late to sit out those sessions.
Early Departure: Please advise your child’s coach if, for any reason, they need to leave the session early.
Equipment: Swimmers, cap, goggles, kickboard, flippers, pull buoy, water bottle (all squads) hand paddles for Junior and Senior Squads only. We can advise you of the most appropriate equipment to purchase for your child.

Please contact us if you have any queries. The pool number is 55614167. Peter Gee’s e-mail is PGee@abpat.qld.edu.au
Peter Gee
Head Coach/Pool Manager

Swimming Records