Softball is a sport that our students play well, as numerous APS premierships over the years have shown. The love of the game is instilled in those who start it in Year 4, as they learn how to catch a ball with a glove and hit a fast moving ball with a thin piece of aluminium. These are skills that are not cheaply acquired and much training time is devoted to perfecting them. Then there is the constant decision-making process that each player must develop.

  • Who do I throw the ball to?
  • Can I steal a base off this pitch?
  • Should I swing at this pitch?

Every situation is engaging for players and coaches.

Our experienced coaches also have a love of the game, be they teachers or Senior School students, who have gained the qualifications that will help them run effective, meaningful and fun training sessions for our softballers. With eight teams from Years 4-12, softball is in a healthy state at A.B. Paterson College and looks to continue like this in the future.