“Technology offers students an avenue to succeed as citizens in a global society in which information is growing at an incredible rate. Technology can improve communication, enhance thinking skills, make instruction more efficient and effective, and develop life skills critical to success.”


A.B. Paterson College looks at tomorrow’s technology today and infuses this within the Technology curriculum, together with 21st century learning skills.  The aim is to impart the skills that students can use to launch themselves into further study in the area of IT, or to equip themselves as responsible digital citizens, with skills that will enhance whatever career choice they make. 

In Years 7 – 9,  the students are offered a wide variety of experiences to allow them to thrive as independent thinkers, to be able to analyse from different perspectives, whilst choosing the most appropriate software program to complete complex scenarios.

The courses Hospitality, IT and Technology run on a trimester basis. The Food Technology course develops student knowledge of healthy eating and promoting cross cultural cuisine. 

In Technology, students work with a vast array of materials to create devices that suit particular scenarios, as well as working with electronics to create toys, household products etc.

In IT, students use a variety of programs to create mobile phone Apps, websites, movie posters and to promote social and ethical responsibilities, via thought-provoking research tasks.

In Years 10-12, students have the opportunity to study elective subjects in the Technology area, including; Information Processing and Technology (IPT), Technology Studies, Graphics Studies, Film, TV and New Media, and Hospitality.

Our aim is to create independent learners, who can identify their own personal needs and develop their skills for the 21st century:

  • Planning, critical thinking and reasoning
  • Personal and social responsibility
  • Strong communication skills
  • Creativity
  • Cultural understanding
  • Visualising and decision-making
  • Knowing how and when to use technology
  • Choosing the most appropriate tool for the task

These are the skills that we aim to instil in our students!