Technology offers students a vehicle for engaging in authentic, challenging and relevant learning experiences that align with the attributes required to be successful citizens in a global society. Technology can improve communication, enhance higher-order thinking, make instruction more efficient and effective, and develop life skills critical to our evolving world.

A.B. Paterson College looks at tomorrow’s technology today, infusing it into contemporary learning experiences within the context of the Technology curriculum. The learning experiences give students the capacity to launch themselves in their chosen careers or to advance their learning through vocational study in a variety of diverse areas. Students are given the opportunity to use industrial standard software, 3D printers and laser cutters to realise many of their learning outcomes.

Students in Years 7 and 8 actively engage in a variety of academic and practical learning experiences moving through the subject areas of Digital Technology, Media, Food Specialisations, Food and Fibre, Materials Specialisations and Engineering Technology. Whilst exploring a variety of concepts students are encouraged to develop contemporary learning skills that are transferable to many other settings. They study factors including sustainability and human-centred design whilst working with a variety of resistant materials such as wood and acrylic. Students prepare food with a multi-cultural flavour and learn digital programming skills to create mobile phone Apps. 
In Year 9 students are given the opportunity to nominate their preferred subjects each Semester, enabling them to study the aspects of Technology that align with their personal and academic areas of interest. To enhance student’s learning experiences further, they are encouraged to develop skills and understanding through the development of solutions that address real world situations.

In Years 10-12, students are given the opportunity to study elective subjects in the Technology area, including: Design, Engineering Technology, Digital Solutions and Film, TV and New Media, which all contribute towards their Year 12 academic result.  Students also have the prospect of studying Hospitality Practices. Each student works towards creatively resolving problems that are relevant to their lives. They are encouraged to become independent learners, able to identify a need or opportunity and propose viable solutions in a variety of contexts.