Senior Leadership Team

The Senior Leadership Team is responsible for Policy development for the consideration of the College Board, overall planning, and the management of the College in all its key areas of operation.

Brian Grimes –  Principal

The role of the Principal encompasses both the educational leader of the College and the Chief Executive Officer of the organisation. The Principal is responsible for the following:

  • Educational program of the College;
  • Promotion of equity and excellence;
  • Creation and sustenance of the conditions under which quality teaching and learning thrives;
  • Advising, developing, and delivering community expectations and influencing government policy that lead to the development of a 21st Century education system;
  • Capital development of the College;
  • Sound financial management of the College;
  • Development of policy to support the Objects of the College;
  • Development of all staffing and resourcing of the College required to achieve the Objects of the College.

Brian Grimes was appointed as only the third Principal/Chief Executive Officer of A.B. Paterson College in its history. Mr Grimes has extensive experience in the independent education sector, following 19 years of service within independent schools in Western Australia prior to his move to Queensland in 2012. During this time, Mr Grimes has held a variety of positions including, Head of Chemistry, Pastoral Care Leader, and Head of House (Boarding) at Hale School in Perth, followed by both Head of Senior School and Principal at Swan Valley Anglican Community School.

Mr Grimes has a Bachelor of Science degree (majoring in Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry), a post-graduate Diploma of Education from the University of Western Australia, and a Masters of Education from Edith Cowan University in Western Australia.

Mr Grimes is a member of the Australian College of Educators, the Australian Council for Educational Leaders, the Australian Institute of Company Directors, and the Association of Heads of Independent Schools Australia, and has been admitted as a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management and a Member of the CEO Institute.

Mr Grimes has presented at a number of National and International conferences and symposiums, and has a firm belief that the heart of education is indeed the education of the heart.

Gary Smith - Head of Business Services

The Head of Business Services plays an essential role in the Administration, Operations, Strategic Development and Forward Planning for the College. The Head of Business Services is the most senior advisor to the Principal/Chief Executive Officer on business related matters and is delegated all executive functions in relation to Business Continuity in the absence of the Principal/Chief Executive Officer.

The Head of Business Services has overall responsibility for the following key areas:

  1. Facilitation and co-ordination of the alignment of Business Services;
  2. Statutory Requirements and Compliance;
  3. Risk Management and Mitigation;
  4. Data and Information Management; and
  5. Administration Services.

The Head of Business Services also maintains the position of Company Secretary and is accountable to the Board for this role.

Gary Smith joined A.B. Paterson College in June 2019. Prior to this, he began his teaching career in the U.K. graduating with a BEd (Hons) from the University of Gloucestershire. After a number of leadership roles in the U.K., including Deputy Principal and Education Adviser for Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes, he later immigrated to Australia in 2007.

Whilst in Australia, Gary has worked in both State and Independent Schools in leadership roles. In 2012 he left Education Queensland to begin the first of two Principal positions in the Independent Schools sector. The last of these was the Principal of the Australian Industry Trade College in Redlands, Queensland.

Joanne Sheehy – Assistant Principal: Senior School

The Assistant Principal: Senior School at A.B. Paterson College is responsible for all operational matters, student activities, engagement and academic progress within the Senior School. As a member of the Senior Leadership Team, the Assistant Principal: Senior School plays an important leadership role to College staff, both in academic and pastoral roles.

Joanne Sheehy joined A.B. Paterson College in 2003, moving from the Head of Mathematics Faculty to the Dean of Studies in 2013, and Head of Senior School in 2015. 

Simon Edgar - Head of Junior School

The College welcomes Simon Edgar to his new role as Head of Junior School. Simon will be involved in meeting and working in collaboration with all students, parents and staff as a very visible member of the College Senior Leadership Team.

The Head of Junior School is responsible for the planning, development and implementation of contemporary Teaching and Learning approaches within the Junior School. The Head of Junior School works collaboratively with staff and, where appropriate, directs and nurtures them to maximise student potential. He will model and develop a culture of accountability, reflection, professional growth and individual learning which will underpin improvement for both staff and students.

The Head of Junior School is accountable for building positive and effective relationships amongst staff, students and parents in the Junior School. This will include communicating in a timely and effective manner with parents and external groups, demonstrating sensitivity and responsiveness when addressing individual challenges and concerns, and recognising student and staff achievement in an appropriate and timely manner.

Prior to joining A.B. Paterson College, Simon held a variety of leadership positions across independent schools in Australia. Most recently he was the Head of Junior and Middle School at The Scots PGC College in Warwick, Queensland. Prior to that he was Deputy Headmaster – Curriculum at Guildford Grammar Preparatory School in Perth, Western Australia.

Mr Edgar considers himself a lifelong learner, which is evidenced by his ongoing commitment to professional development, having completed a Bachelor of Arts (Primary Education), Bachelor of Education, Master of Education, majoring in Educational Leadership and he has commenced a Doctor of Education through the University of Southern Queensland.

Sam Kanoun - Director of Finance  

The Director of Finance plays an essential role in the Administration, Operations, Strategic development and Forward Planning for the College with respect to all Financial Services. The Director of Finance is the most senior advisor to the Principal/ Chief Executive Officer on all matters to do with College Finances, Government Funding and Payroll functions, and reports to the Board on all Financial matters. The Director of Finance is fully accountable for the management of all financial transactions, accounts and payroll on a day to day basis and the function of the Finance Department in accordance with recognised accounting practices and procedures.

Ian Taylor - Director of Activities

The Director of Activities is responsible for the co-curricular activities of the College, including the co-ordination of the College cultural program, incorporating Performing Arts, Public Speaking and Debating. The Director of Activities is also responsible for the planning and implementation of the intra and interschool sporting programs and Inter-House competitions.

Ian Taylor joined the College in 1993 and was appointed to his current position as Director of Activities in 1996.

Nikki Ward - Director of Community Relations and Development

The College welcomes Nikki Ward to her new role as Director of Community Relations and Development. Nikki will be involved in meeting you and your family as members of our College community and working alongside you in growing relationships and partnerships with our local and wider communities. The Director of Community Relations and Development is responsible for leading and managing the Community Relations Department and staff, the development and implementation of all College strategies for branding, marketing, social media, communications, media, partnerships, community engagement, public relations, Alumni, Friends of A.B. Paterson College, College publications and the development of the relational capacity of the A.B. Paterson College community.

Before joining us at the College in 2017, Nikki has held Director positions at some of Australia’s largest and most recognised media organisations, including but not limited to, The Nine Network and Southern Cross Austereo's Hit and Triple M Networks. Nikki brings with her over 17 years of professional extensive experience across the Communications industry, including industrial relations, corporate strategy development, brand marketing, social media management, public relations strategies, National partnerships, advertising campaign management, media management and training, television presenting, National event management and community engagement.

Nikki has been a guest speaker at a number of National conferences, events, and youth leadership seminars.  Nikki's professional experience will bring many benefits to our College community, to create wonderful new opportunities and, in turn, strengthen our community relationships.

Afzal Shariff – Director of ICT Services

The Director of ICT Services is responsible for the IT infrastructure of the College and ensures that the stakeholder satisfaction is at an optimum level. The role encompasses delivering technology to classrooms and seamless integration of IT into pedagogy.

Afzal Shariff also oversees the ICT Infrastructure Development in the College and liaises with the stakeholders to ensure that the implementation of Infrastructure Development is in line with the College’s ICT vision and business goals.

Prior to joining A.B. Paterson College, Mr Shariff was employed as IT Manager at a local independent school and as a Director of IT at Brisbane Boys College. Mr Shariff also worked in the tertiary education sector for 10 years for the Queensland University of Technology and later joining QLD Police Service.

Mr Shariff has a Bachelor of Information Technology degree (majoring in Information Management) and an Associate Diploma in electrical Engineering from Queensland University of Technology.

Tim Grosser - Director of Operations and Planning

The Director of Operations and Planning is responsible for the day-to-day organisation of the College, the efficient coordination and effective utilisation of staff, the development of staff, and the planning associated with major events, functions and the College calendar.

Tim joined A.B. Paterson College in 2015 as Head of Mathematics and was appointed as Director of Operations and Planning in Term 4, 2017. Prior to this, he has held senior roles in independent schools in both Queensland and New South Wales.

Toni Kirton – Director of Positive Education and Leadership

The role of the Director of Positive Education and Leadership is to develop Positive Education, Service Learning, Student Leadership, Staff Wellness and Community Engagement across the P-12 campus of the College.

Toni Kirton was appointed to this newly-created position in January 2016, after commencing at the College in 2014 as the Career and Guidance Counsellor.  Ms Kirton has held various positions in both State and Independent schools including: Teacher, Year Level Co-ordinator, Student Advisor and School Counsellor.  Ms Kirton considers herself a lifelong learner, which is evidenced by her commitment to her professional development, having completed a Master of Education, majoring in Educational Leadership, and a Master of Educational Studies, majoring in Guidance and Counselling.

Richard Worsey – Director of Teaching, Learning and Special Projects

The Director of Teaching, Learning and Special Projects is responsible for all teaching and learning activities of the College, including the development of eLearning systems. Richard Worsey leads the Curriculum Team, where his primary objective is to design, implement and evaluate a College teaching program that incorporates the strengths of Teaching for Understanding - engagement, differentiation and challenge - and ensures that A.B. Paterson College creates opportunities for effective learning to occur in every classroom, and for every student. The focus will always be to immerse students in a rich curriculum that allows them to discover the joy and challenge of learning.

Richard Worsey commenced at A.B. Paterson College as Head of Science in 2010, before being appointed as Director of Teaching and Learning in 2012. Prior to arriving in Australia, Mr Worsey taught at various schools in England after graduating with an Honours Degree in Physics and a Masters Degree in Semiconductor Devices from Lancaster University. Past leadership roles include Head of Physics, Head of House, Student Achievement Leader and Science College Leader.

Mr Worsey was selected by the Harvard Graduate School of Education to become an international coach in their Teaching for Understanding Course in 2010.

Charlotte Brook - Dean of Senior School 
The Dean of Senior School is responsible for ensuring the best educational outcomes for all students in Years 10-12, by guiding and advising on course offerings, supporting the pastoral needs of students, monitoring their academic progress as they proceed from Years 10 to Year 12, and overseeing and taking responsibility for all moderation processes within the College.

Charlotte joined the Mathematics Department of A.B. Paterson College in 2015, moving into the role of Head of Dennis House in 2016 and was appointed to Dean of Senior School in Term 1 2018. Prior to arriving in Australia, Charlotte taught at a variety of independent schools in England where she held the leadership positions of Head of House and Gifted and Talented Coordinator. 

Rebecca Taylor - Deputy Head of Junior School: Teaching and Learning

Rebecca joined the College in 2008 as a primary school teacher. She has international experience after teaching in England, and has held a range of leadership positions at the College, including eMentor, Head of Instructional Leadership and Development and Head of Learning Analytics. Rebecca works closely with the staff and students from Prep – Year 6 on all matters relating to Curriculum.

Steve Clacher - Deputy Head of Junior School: Pastoral
The Deputy Head of Junior School: Pastoral is a key leadership role in the College, reporting directly to the Head of Junior School, and is responsible for the development of the pastoral care program, the pastoral care of all students, and the development of all students within the educational program of the Junior School. The Deputy Head of Junior School: Pastoral works in close collaboration with the Deputy Head of Junior School: Teaching and Learning to deliver a unified and seamless education within the Junior School.

Caitlyn Hoffman - Director of the Early Childhood Centre

The Director of the Early Childhood Centre is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Early Childhood Centre, ensuring the high quality standards in relation to the National Quality Framework, the Early Years Learning Framework and the national services laws and regulations are maintained. Caitlyn leads a strong and dedicated team of Early Childhood Educators, who work closely together in the development and facilitation of appropriate and meaningful programs for children attending the service.

Caitlyn Janetzki joined A.B. Paterson College in June 2017 and has been a part of the ever-evolving Early Childhood industry for over 10 years. She completed her Diploma in Children and Community Services in 2009. Caitlyn is an established Director and has had additional experience in consultation services, providing advice and assistance to many Childcare and Outside School Hours Care Services across Australia.  Caitlyn enjoys studying and is currently studying for her Diploma of Leadership and Management.