Running Club

The A.B. Paterson College Running Club is an integral part of College life.  For the past two decades, led by Director of Activities, Ian Taylor, the College Running Club has offered students the opportunity to get fit, active, and enjoy a social opportunity to interact with their peers in both the Junior and Senior Schools.

Running Club provides the students with a base level of fitness for their summer and winter sporting teams, and is a major contributor to the training and selection of both the Junior and Senior Cross-Country teams, in preparation for the Associated Private Schools (APS) Championships.

Running Club is held every Tuesday to Friday mornings and meets at 7am outside the Maths Centre. The students are provided with running groups based upon their age, fitness levels and fitness needs. The College Running Club is supported by many staff and parents, who join in the fun and activity each morning, as they run/walk through some spectacular courses in and around the College campus.

“I've been a part of Running Club since Year 5, and I am now a Year 11 student. It has allowed me to challenge myself physically and mentally, but to also meet students with similar interests in Cross Country. I love Running Club and it is a great start to getting involved into the A.B. Paterson College life.” – Tess Maddison.

“Running Club is an encouraging, exciting and friendly environment, in which students are able to develop their running technique and have a ton of fun at the same time! Running Club has been a part of my daily routine for years, and has acted as a stress-free environment that I can always depend on to put a smile on my face. I advocate Running Club to all of my peers due to its acceptance of all fitness levels, exciting outdoor trails, and uniting atmosphere between children of all ages! “– Samuel Tredinnick

When? –                             Every Tuesday to Friday mornings

Time? -                                7am

Where? -                             Meet outside the Maths Centre

What to Bring?                 Water Bottle

                                               Food for Breakfast

                                               Jacket during colder months