Rebecca Hirsch

Graduated 2004

I am currently working for a chronic disease management company on the Gold Coast. I studied a double degree in exercise science and physiotherapy at Griffith University, and then completed my honours in physiotherapy.  At the completion of my studies, I started a job in rehabilitation physiotherapy, which led into my current line of work. I have specialised in both rehabilitative physiotherapy and chronic disease management in the clinical setting.

The foundation of my schooling at A.B. Paterson College has given me the work ethic and goal orientation to make the most out of my life and my career. This young College thrived upon “College spirit” and still reminds me of my standards and values even today.

Looking back, now 10 years since graduating Year 12, it is clear to me that my life as an A.B. Paterson College student has been a corner stone in my development as a person. I am forever grateful for the values and beliefs instilled in me during my time at A.B. Paterson College. This is testament to key figures, who truly believed in the ‘spirit of the College’ and the College motto ‘Excellence, Care and Commitment.’

I still recall that in my final year at A.B. Paterson College, I was lacking the confidence to see myself going into further studies beyond school, and it was a few key teachers who took the time to sit me down and encourage me to apply, and showed the belief and faith in me that I needed. If it wasn’t for those few key people, I wouldn’t have found myself on the career pathway that I am today. So effectively, my journey at A.B. Paterson College has been the pre-cursor to my development over the past 10 years.