Public Speaking

Each year over 1000 students enter the Public Speaking arena from the schools in and around the Gold Coast, as the College hosts its annual Public Speaking Competition.

Public Speaking is never an easy task, generating anxiety in most people, but like many unfamiliar and uncomfortable experiences, practice definitely helps to build confidence. It is a skill that will last a life time.

The College's competition is an excellent opportunity to build on a communication skill that is needed in every walk of life, whether it be a speech at a family wedding, an interview with media, a presentation at a conference, or a maiden speech in Parliament.

This competition is open to all students, Years 4-12. The Year 4 students are not in competition, but receive valuable experience in public speaking.

The dates of the 2019 competition are:

Years 5 - 7 Heats                     Tuesday, 15 October             Yr 5 4.15pm, Yr 6 6.00pm, Yr 7 7.15pm
Years 8 - 12 Heats                   Thursday, 17 October         Yrs 8 & 9 4.30pm, Yrs 10 & 11 6pm, Yr 12 7.15pm
Years 5 - 7 Finals                    Tuesday, 22 October            4.30pm (Grand Finals straight after Finals)
Years 8 - 12 Finals                  Thursday, 24 October          4.30pm (Grand Finals straight after Finals)



Public Speaking Competition Information