A.B. Paterson College has a proud history of developing a love of poetry and performance in the spirit of our College namesake, Banjo Paterson. This is celebrated in many ways, including reciting Banjo’s poetry at Banjo’s Birthday events; the Year 6 students visiting the billabong at Combo, near Winton where Banjo wrote Waltzing Matilda, and where they re-enact the poem; and the Poetry Evening each year.

This event gives students the opportunity to gain a deeper appreciation of poetry and the opportunity to perform in front of an audience. Students from Prep – Year 6 explore a range of poets and can then go on to perform in any of three categories, including Traditional Australian Verse, Humorous Verse and their Own Compositions.

My Big Brother

My big brother is my best friend
He’s the only one I’d recommend
But since there’s only one of him
Your chances of finding one are very slim

My brother and I like to hang out together
We can do things in any weather
When the sun comes out
My brother and I know what fun is about

We’ll go to the park or go to the shops
We have even climbed tree tops
But when it rains and the sky is grey
There are still lots of things that we can play

Sometimes my brother thinks he’s at the top
But then I beat him badly at hip-hop
Sometimes we like to cook together
And sometimes we like to help each other

When I was young he helped me stand
When he gets old I’ll lend him a hand
He helped me eat and give me the beat
He even taught me to brush my teeth

Sometimes it’s sad when he’s far away
But then I get glad when he comes to stay
There’s sometimes where we fight each other
But I still love my brother.

Sameer Khan Year 6


Scary Poem

One dark scary night
I heard a knock at the door
I glanced outside
And heard a giant roar

I went outside
I saw a spooky ghost
I scared it away
Then a zombie stole my post

I looked across the road
I saw a zombie war
My eyes are filled
With blood and gore

The clouds were low
No stars in the sky
The war had ended
And the monsters said goodbye

The war ended so fast
It was all done
I could not believe
The night was so much fun

Ellis Hart Year 4


The Beach

I see shiny, shimmering, colourful shells on the soft sand
I hear people talking and laughing with joy
I touch nice and friendly dolphins in the water
I love swimming at the beach in the warm water.

Avalon Pease Year 1


Forever more

As the engines roared the craft took off
It’s too late to stop it now
The stream of fire is like a graceful swan
Gliding through the crystal clear water
Time was wasted
Time was lost
I should have saved them
The flames consumed them
My friends
My family
My brothers
The outcries of the public
So deafening to my ears
So forever more I am trapped
In my cage of shame and despair

Forever more I grieve of that horrible day
That day of loss
That day of sacrifice
The dove will not fly today
It will not fly for the families that lost on that day
They lost someone they held dear
They lost someone they loved
I could have stopped it
I will make the dove fly again
For me, for those families
They shall grieve no more

Forever more

Christopher James Year 5