Parents and Friends Association

The Parents and Friends Association is primarily a ‘friend raising’ organisation, but also supports the College in providing important materials and resources for students.  At parent request, the P&F’s activities have changed over the years from holding major fund raising events to the inclusion of an annual levy - a more equitable arrangement.

Since the College’s inception, the P&F has worked closely with the Principal in providing items to support students:  the Junior and Senior School ball courts, shade, seating, musical instruments, a major contribution to the construction of the pool, annual support for the A.B. Paterson College Public Speaking competition and other items.

The P&F successfully applied for two grants from the Queensland Gaming Commission to construct two shade shelters on the main oval.

The P&F takes care of refreshments at major College functions on campus such as the Splendid Visions Art Exhibition, the College Musical, sports carnivals and at the A.B. Paterson College Public Speaking Competition, and many more such events.

Friend raising activities include those above, as well as provision of morning tea for new parents at the start of the school year, particularly those with children starting school for the first time, social evenings, and a ‘trivia’ night.

General Meetings are held once per term and the Executive also meets each term.  The Principal attends to give updates on College development.  A new Executive is voted in at the Annual General Meeting in November.

To contact the current President of the P&F,  please email pandf@abpat.qld.edu.au.

More friends and helpers are always welcome.