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A.B. Paterson College Netball Club aims to provide the opportunity for players and the College community to participate in Netball while developing great team players, building self-confidence and high self-esteem as well as fostering a sense of achievement and pride in the College.

Whether you choose to play netball or simply be a part of A.B. Paterson College Netball Club’s volunteer team your role in the establishment of our Club will encourage future growth and success of Club sport at A.B. Paterson College.

Here you will find all you need to know about netball; our Players and Parent’s Handbook will provide important information such as Club representative contact phone numbers, while our Codes of Behaviour, Official Netball Rules and Training schedules will ensure you take to the court armed with everything you need to know.

You will also find our new Club Netball dress designed exclusively for A.B. Paterson College Club netball which we hope you will enjoy wearing with pride as you represent A.B. Paterson College.

A.B. Paterson College Netball Club Player & Parent Handbook

The purpose of this book is to provide players and parents with important information to assist  throughout the 2018 Netball season.

Player Handbook 2018

A.B. Paterson College Netball Club Codes of Behaviour

In addition to A.B. Paterson College's student expectations,  A.B. Paterson College Netball Club’s Codes of Behaviour will be upheld by all players.

A.B. Paterson College Netball Club Codes of Behaviour

NGCNA & Netball Australia Codes of Behaviour

The Northern Gold Coast Netball Association is our local peak netball body in Queensland. The NGCNA organise, promote and encourage local competition netball and representative netball teams together with setting standard rules, regulations and codes of behaviour for all players.

In addition to A.B. Paterson College Netball Club’s Codes of Behaviour, the Club and its players will abide by all rules and regulations set out by Netball Australia and the NGCNA.

NGCNA/Netball Australia Codes of Behaviour.pdf

Official Rules of Netball

In accordance with Netball Australia, the following guidelines and rules have been set for Junior and Senior Competition.

Official Rules of Netball. pdf

The Official Netball Rule Book can also be purchased from the NGCNA or visit Netball Queensland’s website for an updated list of Policies.


Netball training will be held at A.B. Paterson College on the outdoor Junior and Senior courts on Tuesday afternoon from 3.30pm to 5.00pm weekly, excluding School Holidays (rain, hail or shine; wet weather doesn ot impact on netball training). Please advise your Team Managers should you be unable to attend a training session.

Students should wear their general PE uniform (green shorts & white sports polo) and runners for all training sessions and remember to bring their water bottles.

Wet Weather & Cancellation of Match Play

Should you have any queries or concerns regarding match play and inclement weather please contact your team manager or coach.

The NGCNA will also post any notices of cancellation on their website which can be accessed here.

Game Forfeit Procedure - Saturday Competition

If a team intends on forfeiting a game, notification is to be given to NGCNA by text message on the following number.

NGCNA will respond with confirmation of message received.

If you have not received a response within 4 hours to your text, please phone NGCNA on 0411 421 401.

Forfeits are to be advised to NGCNA by 6.00pm Friday night prior to the game intended to be forfeited. A fine of $100 will be issued to the team if advised after 6.00pm and 3 points will be awarded to the non-forfeiting team.

Once the forfeit is received NGCNA will notify the other team and clubs on umpire duty.


A.B Paterson College Netball Club has gone to great lengths to design a unique custom made netball uniform for girls to wear for Club and representative games. We are excited to incorporate this special “dress” as part of the A.B. Paterson College uniform, and as such expect that you will wear your uniform with pride.

All players will take the court in full uniform as follows:

  • Netball Dress
  • Netball Knicks (black)
  • Netball Club supplied sport socks
  • Netball Club supplied hair tie (red, yellow, green)

Due to the design of our dress, all under garments such as crop tops and sport bras are required to be a “racer back” style to ensure invisibility. (Please note no straps are to be showing).

During the colder months players are permitted to wear their A.B. Paterson College Sports Jacket.

Please contact the Club’s Uniform Convenor, Rebecca Ferguson, at netballclub@abpat.qld.edu.au to organise a Uniform kit and/or single uniform items. Sample dress sizes (girls size 6 to ladies size 18) are available to try on at the College Uniform Shop prior to placing your order.

Uniforms Season 2018

Uniform Kit (Dress, black knicks, sports socks and hair tie)              $90
Dress                                                                                                               $75
Knicks                                                                                                             $5
Socks                                                                                                               $4
Hair tie                                                                                                           $6

The College Uniform Shop accept and offers secondhand Netball Club uniforms. Should you wish to sell or purchase a secondhand uniform, please visit the College Uniform Shop for more information.

A.B. Paterson College Netball Uniform

Umpire Uniform

Umpires are required to wear Umpire whites whilst umpiring any NGCNA netball game.

A.B. Paterson College Netball Club provides qualified Club umpires with a custom designed Umpire uniform (skorts & polo top). Players and students learning to umpire will be required to wear the A.B. Paterson College White Sports Polo with a white skirt, white socks and sneakers. Players are required to purchase a white skirt.  

Suncorp NetSetGO Program

Suncorp NetSetGO is Netball Australia’s only junior entry netball program. It has been developed to provide children from 5 to 10 years with the best possible learning and playing experience to develop a positive introduction to netball, ensuring enjoyment and continued participation.

A.B. Paterson College Netball Club will also offer this program for Under 7 to Under 10 teams in 2018.

Player Insurance

Insurance is compulsory for all players and is incorporated in your registration with the NGCNA. All registered netball players, members, officials, accredited coaches and umpires are covered by Netball Australia’s Insurance broker V-Insurance Group.

Players Insurance covers ‘personal accident’ resulting in an injury during match play and/or training.


A.B. Paterson College Netball Club forms can be downloaded here.

Please complete your relevant form and return to either the Secretary of A.B. Paterson College Netball Club via email at netballclub@abpat.qld.edu.au or the designated recipient as outlined.

Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the Club via email. 


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