Old Collegians

Nikki Ward, Director of Community Relations and Development, is the contact person for Old Collegians. The College is currently working on reconnecting with alumni through updating our database with current details.

'Like' our A.B. Paterson College Old Collegians Facebook page, to stay informed of upcoming social events and to share your stories. We invite you to contact us via email to update your details and stay connected at:


At A.B. Paterson College, we aim to prepare our students for a lifetime of learning, leadership and endless possibilities. Our graduates undertake further study at university, continue their vocational education courses, or begin careers that may see the conversion of their traineeship into apprenticeships or employment. Whatever path they choose, our graduates can look forward to making a positive contribution to their communities.

We also value our graduates as alumni of the College and members of the College Community. Year 12s receive Graduate Membership of Old Collegians upon graduation and notification of relevant College functions.  On 17 May, 2014, Old Collegians, the Alumni Association of the College, was officially launched, with graduates present from our very first graduating year, 1994, through to the most recent years. 

The College has a history of selfless contribution on the part of members of the College Community since its inception, and members of the Old Collegians are invited and encouraged to involve themselves in the College’s and its students’ futures.

As well as visiting the College for events, past students return for other reasons. The College has been delighted to welcome back a number of them as staff and coaches, where they continue to embed the ethos and values of the College for future generations, and contribute to this special College Community.

Below are just a few of our A.B. Paterson College Old Collegians, who have shared their journeys since graduation:


   Casey Wise                    Leiston Picket            Mark Power             Rebecca Hirsch             Trent Davis               


Natalie Sole                       Jevan Hayward                Bianca Palmer                 Jeanette Niebling       


Milla Ivanova                       Annabel de Boer               Connor Hand