STEM Challenge

A.B. Paterson College offers an innovative Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Challenge for local, interstate and international students, over a two day event on the Gold Coast, with the support of our tertiary partner, Griffith University. 

STEM is a challenge that focuses on solving real world science and engineering problems, using mathematical tools and strategies.

Past challenges have required students to design rockets and landing modules capable of delivering a payload and traversing the surface of Mars; undertake an investigation into the design of sporting stadiums and lighting systems for specific events; investigate the design implications of theme park thrill rides; and, more recently, undertake an investigation and analysis of the forensic evidence in various crime scenes, and articulate the implications for prosecution.

The events and challenges are staged for various year groups, with students being required to draw on their knowledge of science, technology, engineering and mathematics to solve real problems. Students are not only engaged in the problem presented to them, but must develop ways of thinking, communicating, utilising appropriate tools to assist them in solving the problems, and also consider and demonstrate social and civic responsibility in their solution. 

The Challenge provides the opportunity for interested students to work with students from other schools, regions and countries, to apply the understandings they have gained from their studies into a range of age appropriate scenarios.

The two day Challenge takes place annually and in 2018 STEM Challenge is scheduled to be held on 22 & 23 November at Griffith University, Gold Coast Campus