Mila Ivanova

Graduated 2013

Career journey/pathway since graduation?

I am completing a double degree in Law/Commerce at Bond University. Alongside my studies, I’m working in a financial services firm. At Bond, I am a director on the Business Students’ Association and a member of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal Mooting Team, which is representing Bond in a National Mooting Competition.

In what way did A.B. Paterson College support this journey?

A.B. Paterson College opened up a huge door for me when it helped me to gain a Collegiate Leadership Scholarship to Bond. The opportunities I’ve received as a result of this have been invaluable and I attribute them to A.B. Paterson College. Immersing myself in College life made my high-school experience so much more memorable, and I’ve continued to do this at university ever since I left school. Particularly debating and public speaking at A.B. made me realise I was passionate about advocacy and this played a big role in the choice of my current degree.

A vivid memory of on aspect of your time at the College that has stayed with you?

I still remember asking Mr Grimes to participate in a litter-awareness video I was making for school assembly. He enthusiastically agreed, because I don’t think he realised that it would entail him dressing up as the College’s Brumby mascot and acting. The image of him sitting at his office desk, drinking a cup of coffee in a Brumby outfit is, without a doubt, one of the funniest, most memorable moments of my time at A.B. I don’t think I’d be able to forget that even if I tried!

Personal Comment

My time at A.B. played a huge role in forming who I am today. A big part of that was the effort and passion of the teachers; the involvement in College life and the memories of visiting our little friends in Junior School;  and running away from Mr Taylor when I realised I had forgotten my school hat (definitely wouldn’t recommend this). A.B. provides such a good foundation for its students. My only piece of advice would be to get everything you possibly can out of the experience by being as involved as possible.