Meet Our Middle Management Team

Belinda Farley  - Deputy Head of Junior School

Belinda is passionate about developing each child’s sense of well-being and social responsibility through the College’s pastoral care programs. Belinda works closely with the Prep to Year 6 staff to develop and implement programs that promote positive behaviour, social and emotional competence and leadership in the Junior School. Belinda joined A.B. Paterson College in 2015 as Deputy Head of Junior School – Pastoral.


Mardi Bolton- Head of Faculty - Academic Talent Development

Mardi Bolton joined A.B. Paterson College in 2014 and she is the Head of the Academic Talent Development (ATD)Faculty. She oversees all ATD programming from Prep - Year 12 with a focus on gifted and high ability students.

Mardi is a highly knowledgeable and experienced teacher, leader and university mentor, who has been involved in a range of gifted education programs over the past 19 years. She has presented at state and national conferences and she is a published author. 


Sharyn Walker-Joyce – Head of  Faculty - The Arts

Sharyn Walker-Joyce was appointed to the Head of Arts Faculty position in 2013. In this role, she oversees the organisation and growth of the College Co-curricular Performing Arts program, as well as the development of the P-12 academic Arts curriculum encompassing Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Arts.  


Linda Carroll – Head of Faculty - English

The Head of Faculty - English is responsible for the effective management and leadership of the subject English from Prep to Year 12. This includes overseeing the development and progress of literacy for all students and ensuring effective implementation of ACARA and QCAA syllabus requirements.

Linda Carroll joined A.B. Paterson College in 2015.


Steven Mikael – Head of Faculty | Health and Physical Education

The role of Head of Faculty entails being responsible for the planning, mapping and delivery of curriculum to students across P – 12.

Steven Mikael joined A.B. Paterson College in 2003, moving from specialist teacher to Head of Health and Physical Education Faculty in 2007 and a member of the Panel since 2011.  


Cheyne Sandercoe - Head of Faculty – Languages

Cheyne co-ordinates the Languages Program from Prep to Year 12.  This includes Japanese (Prep – 12) and Spanish (Years 4 – 12).  She teaches the Prep Japanese and Senior Japanese classes.

Cheyne joined the College in 2006, moving from a teaching position to Assistant Head of Languages in 2011, and to the Head of the Languages Faculty in 2013.


Tim Grosser - Head of Faculty - Mathematics

Tim is responsible for the day-to-day operations within the Mathematics Faculty, working collaboratively with students and fellow teaching staff to ensure that the curriculum and assessment practices challenge and inspire students while meeting QCAA guidelines.

Tim joined A.B. Paterson College in 2015 as Head of Mathematics. Prior to this, he has held senior roles in independent schools in both Queensland and New South Wales.


Melissa Presland - Head of Faculty – Science

Melissa co-ordinates the Science Program from Prep to Year 12, including Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Marine Science .  She teaches general science in Years 7- 9 and Senior Chemistry and Biology.

Melissa joined the College in 2002, moving from a teaching position, to Assistant Head of Wright House in 2005, and to Head of Science in 2012.


Peta Noyes - Head of Faculty – Social Sciences

Peta Noyes joined A.B. Paterson College in 2012 as the Head of the Social Sciences Faculty, after teaching interstate for the previous nine years. 

Since arriving at the College, the design and implementation of the Years 7-9 Social Sciences curriculum to reflect National Curriculum requirements has been her main focus.  Information literacy (being able to locate reliable and relevant information) is an area of interest for Ms Noyes and a focus of curriculum design within Social Sciences.


Bernelle Sole  - Head of Faculty - Technology

As the recently appointed Head of Faculty for Technology, Bernelle Sole is responsible for overseeing the organisation and growth of the department, and for ensuring the development of an effective and creative curriculum that challenges and inspires students whilst meeting the QCAA guidelines.

Since joining the College in 2015, Bernelle has taught across both the Technology and Creative Arts faculties. Bernelle believes that a collaborative teaching and learning approach is essential to create the best learning environment for all students.


Charlotte Halls-Moore - Head of Dennis House / Mathematics Teacher

The responsibility of the Head of Dennis House is to oversee the personal development and well-being of students across the College, with particular pastoral emphasis on pupils of Dennis House.

Charlotte joined the Mathematics Department of A.B. Paterson College in 2015 and moved into the role of Head of Dennis House in 2016. 


Alison Ward - Head of Lawson House / History Teacher

Alison’s role is to oversee the personal development and well-being of students across the College, with particular pastoral emphasis on the students of Lawson House.

Alison joined A.B. Paterson College in 2010 as a history and social sciences teacher.  She became Head of Lawson House in 2016.


Justin Andrews - Head of Mackellar House / Physics Teacher

The Head of House role oversees the personal growth and well-being of students, with particular emphasis placed on the pastoral care and development of each member of Mackellar House.  The Head of House role also supports teachers, parents and carers in maintaining the high standards expected of all pupils.

Justin joined A.B. Paterson College in 2013 as a Mathematics, Science and HPE teacher.  He became Head of Mackellar House in 2014.


Marc Olivier - Head of Wright House / History/Social Science Teacher

The role of the Head of Wright House is to oversee the personal development and well-being of students across the College, with particular pastoral emphasis on pupils of Wright House.

Marc joined A.B. Paterson College in 2008 as a history and social science teacher.  He became Head of Wright House in 2015.


Rebecca Taylor - Acting Head of Instructional Leadership and Development/LearningAnalyst/eMentor

The Head of Instructional Leadership and Development is responsible for the development of the Instructional Leadership and Development Program, which includes mentoring and coaching staff new to the College. Learning Analytics involves the use of statistical techniques to collate and evaluate data, which is integral to assess and track student learning. The role of an eMentor is to develop the digital skills and pedagogy of staff to promote the contemporary learning skills within students.

Rebecca joined A.B. Paterson College in 2009 as a Junior School teacher. She has taught in schools both in Queensland and in London. Rebecca has been an eMentor since 2015 and has presented at national and international conferences in this positon. 


Ryan Caldwell - Head of Academic Operations

Ryan oversees Academic Awards, Assessment Calendars, Book Lists, Exam Blocks, ICAS, NAPLAN, QCS, Parent-Teacher Interviews, Reporting, Subject Selection and the College Timetable.

He has worked at the College since 2011. In this time, he has held positions as an English Teacher, Debating Co-ordinator, eMentor and Head of Academic Operations.


Nonita Saint -  Co-ordinator of Learning Enhancement

Nonita Saint’s role is a collaborative and consultative role. She regularly liaises with medical specialists, parents and staff to ensure inclusive and differentiated programmes are offered to students in need of additional academic and social-emotional assistance.

In July 2012, Nonita joined the Leaning Enhancement faculty as a Special Education teacher and was appointed the Co-ordinator of Learning Enhancement in 2015.