Mark Power

Graduated 1994 

I am a consultant Interventional Radiologist at St George Hospital in Sydney.  After A.B. Paterson College, my journey started with a B. App. SC. (Medical Imaging Technology) at QUT in Brisbane.  I then completed my medical degree at the University of Sydney.  I completed my internship and residency in Newcastle, NSW, then completed my Radiology Speciality training at Liverpool Hospital in Sydney. Following this, I completed a Fellowship in Vascular and Interventional Radiology with the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.  I commenced my current position in July 2012.

I am now a subspecialist Interventional Radiologist, with specific interest and experience in the field of Interventional Oncology.  I am one of only a handful of doctors in the country able to perform these procedures.  I perform highly specialised treatments for liver cancer, kidney cancer and lung cancer. I have published many research papers in my chosen field, in internationally renowned medical journals. 

A.B. Paterson College gave me a sense of belonging, and the understanding that I was cared for and believed in. It instilled the confidence I possess in myself to this day, and provided me with many long-lasting friendships.

Professionally, it has allowed me to dream and think big.  My initial achievements at A.B. Paterson College paved the way for every career goal I have set for myself up to now.  The position I am in now would not have been possible, had it not been for those foundation career steps made available to me because of A.B. Paterson College.


The College’s OP1 Medal is named after Mark Power, who was the first student to achieve an OP1 in the College’s history.