The Arts

The Arts curriculum at A.B. Paterson College is based on developing the character of students through an enduring appreciation of the intrinsic and instrumental value of the Arts.  The faculty is focused on delivering excellence through a commitment to, and appreciation of, the Arts in a classroom learning environment that facilitates artistic expression. Teachers strongly believe in the ability of all students to communicate their interpretation of the world around them and, hence, this is fostered through an inclusive Arts curriculum that values the methods and media through which individual students are able to articulate their understanding. Staff are passionate about delivering a high quality, engaging and challenging curriculum that develops an enduring love of the Arts for all of the students.

Arts subjects are exciting, interactive and highly practical subjects that encourage, capture and express students’ imagination and creativity. They provide students with a range of skills transferable to a variety of vocational and future pathways. In a knowledge-based economy, the world requires workers who are innovative thinkers, adept communicators and excellent team players. The collaborative nature of the Arts provides students with opportunities to learn and to manage the interpersonal and intrapersonal skills required to work effectively, both individually and in groups.

Students in Years 7-8, undertake their study of the Arts through a flexible, student-centred curriculum that allows for freedom of choice and individual expression. All students study Music, Dance, Drama and Art through teacher and student-led workshops, before choosing which Arts form/s, best suits their method of demonstrating understanding. Students are hence able to respond to tasks and assessment in a variety of written, verbal or recorded formats.

In Year 9, students are able to further specialise in the Arts, before choosing subjects in Year 10 which are based on individual Arts forms. Topics currently studied in the combined Arts curriculum include Cirque, Becoming an Imagineer and The Lost Thing.

The senior courses in Drama, Visual Art and Music all contribute to OP calculations and each subject offers students the ability to work individually and in groups, whilst developing critical thinking and complex reasoning skills. Arts education in the Senior School allows for students to create, perform and appreciate artistic works within a curriculum that is accessible, flexible and supportive of the comprehensive co-curricular Arts programme offered by the College.

Senior Dance is a curriculum offering for students transitioning from Year 9 into Year 10.

Dance is an exciting, interactive and highly practical subject that encourages, captures and expresses students’ imagination and creativity. Students from Years 7-9 currently incorporate Dance into their Arts studies through a range of workshops and flexible assessment offerings, hence we are committed to offering students the ability to pursue their study of Dance into the senior phase of schooling. 

Dance is an elective subject for Years 10-12.