Languages' Culture Club

As well as an extensive range of excursions to Spanish and Japanese restaurants, students at A.B. Paterson College have the opportunity to attend lunch time activities in those languages. In the Junior School, our younger learners can enrich their learning with our Spanish Club, which can assist students to get additional language practice, as well as explore the language via interactive games and stories.

Junior students of Japanese have also gained skills in origami crafts, thanks to the kind assistance of parents who are native speakers of Japanese.

In the Senior School, our Year 7 and Year 8 cohorts have been invited to witness a cooking demonstration to open their mind and palates to the Hispanic concept of tapas.  An opportunity to make piñatas has also been arranged for Term 4. Our cultural program is facilitated by our very international language teaching team and helpful parents from an Hispanic background.

We view language and culture as intertwined, and aim for our cultural clubs to forge memories, challenge assumptions, and develop the mind and heart’s ability to discover and embrace cultural differences.