In the Junior School at A.B. Paterson College, the use of technology is dynamic and innovative and is an interactive and engaging method of delivering content. Technology is used to differentiate learning content and develop higher-order thinking skills. All classrooms are equipped with interactive boards and students can access one-to-one devices from Year 3 onwards. In Prep – Year 2 we access a class set of ipads to encourage innovation, creativity and critical thinking skills.

Within the P-6 technology curriculum, all students engage in design, which includes food technology. Students make and evaluate products and these experiences often integrate within our HaSS and Science learning programs. As part of the digital component of the curriculum, all students are taught the fundamental basics of computer skills, safety and responsibility, as well as many Microsoft operating programs. Students also engage in coding, robotics and circuitry lessons as part of their program. 

Coding is taught across many curriculum areas.  Coding helps to strengthen computational thinking and communication skills.  It also develops the effective use of ICT, Mathematics patterns and problem solving. From Prep to Year 3, students undertake coding activities using online software. Year 4 and 5 use Scratch software to develop their coding skills and Year 6 engages in weekly Hour of Code lessons. Coding provides students the opportunity to develop the concept of algorithms and debugging, write code, solve problems and create games and applications using digital software.

Robotics assists with the development of coding skills, as well as computational thinking (reasoning, analysing data, using algorithms to sequence actions, and testing ideas); scientific investigative and engineering skills (posing questions, solving problems, designing, investigating and evaluating, as well as analysing and interpreting data); and mathematical skills (sequencing, problem-solving, patterns and position).

At A.B. Paterson College, students seize tomorrow today!