Jevan Hayward

Graduated 2007

My journey since graduation from the College

I studied a Bachelor of Commerce at Bond University on a Collegiate scholarship awarded during Year 12. After university, I was hired into a public policy role at the Federal Treasury in Canberra to advise the federal government on economic decisions. I joined Barclays in Sydney after a few years in an interest rates trading role, and currently run their Australian dollar foreign exchange forwards business from Singapore.

In what way did A.B. Paterson College support this journey?

The knowledge base, problem solving and communication skills built while at the College were instrumental in being able to soak up information at University and then translate it into the real world.

A vivid memory of an aspect of your time at the College that has stayed with you?

As part of the physics curriculum, our small class were investigating the properties of rocket flight. This involved planning and building different rockets for launch, which we conducted in the Gold Coast hinterland. A very fun and informative experience that helped build friendships to last a lifetime.

Personal Comment

Learning ‘how to learn’ is one of the most valuable life skills that school can provide. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, in the public speaking opportunities the College offers, helps build communication skills that support business and networking later in life.