Jeanette Niebling

Graduated 1997

I treasure the memories that I have of my time at A.B. Paterson College.  Indeed, many of my close friends today are friends that I have made while at the College.

The College provided me with a strong academic base from which I have continued to undertake more than 10 years of tertiary education. This has helped me to progress my career and, now, to run my own business.  Aside from the academic programme that the College provides, it also has a strong extra-curricular offering.  I was heavily involved in many of the programmes offered by the College, including public speaking, debating and a range of sporting activities. Participation in these activities helped me to develop confidence and a drive to succeed -  these skills have helped me achieve business and personal goals. The College teachers who taught me (at least two of whom are still at the College 20 years later!) were inspiring and selfless. They gave up so much of their personal time to work with us on academic and co-curricular pursuits. It was, and is, the College staff and the students that make A.B. Paterson College the place it is today.

It is a credit to the College that over 10% of the students in Prep this year are the children of past students. I am clearly not the only past student who values well-rounded education provided by the College.