The Australian spirit has long been known to be one of generosity, service, support and mateship. In the tradition of these enduring Values, as a College community all members can help A.B. Paterson College mature and develop the College’s Mission – To challenge the individual to achieve and act with purpose and character – and, in so doing, model and exemplify philanthropic values and the essence of the Australian spirit.

The act of giving to others – be it our time, our skills and talents, or our financial support – is the essence of the generosity and service to others defined by our heritage, and the countless men and women who have given their life in the service of others. It is this spirit of giving that our College wishes to instil in our students as we prepare the next generation of young people about to take their place in society.

How can you make a difference?

There are many ways in which you can contribute to our community. Many people give of their time to assist teachers in reading programs; assist in coaching sports teams; provide specialist advice to staff and sporting teams on matters of skill development and nutrition; or, act within our curriculum as mentors and advisors to students.

Other people assist by enabling us to continue to provide and develop creative learning spaces to motivate, inspire and educate our students through tax deductible donations to our Building Fund.

We value the giving of your time, your knowledge, skills or financial support to enrich the lives of our students and build a strong future for all. Please contact the Principal on 5594 7947, if you wish to discuss any aspect of giving.

A.B. Paterson College Foundation and Annual Giving

The A.B. Paterson College Foundation was established to assist the College achieve its stated Objects.

Control and management of the Foundation are vested in the Foundation’s Board, which acts in consultation with the Principal and the College Board. The aim of the Fund is to give the College a strong and permanent financial base.

The A.B. Paterson College community is invited to donate to the College each year through our Annual Giving Program. This can be done through the tax deductible Building Fund. This Fund serves to benefit current and future students, from the refurbishment of facilities across the campus, to the creation of new dynamic learning spaces for our students.

Capital Campaigns

The political and economic policy debates within State and Federal Government  has created an air of uncertainty about the security and level of independent schools’ funding, despite clear evidence of the benefit of independent education to the economics of Australian society. As the College Board considers and plans for the continued development of our College, it is incumbent upon us to look to alternative sources of funding to help achieve our Master Plan.

When the College embarks on a major Capital development, the Board may seek support from our community to participate in a Capital Campaign. This campaign will be based upon seeking support to deliver on our community’s shared goals and purpose, to provide facilities that enable our children to have varied opportunity and improved facilities. Such support will enable the College to maintain and develop a place in which curiosity will be ignited, learning inspired, and identity, independence and a sense of responsibility developed; a place in which students can accept challenge, explore their world, and a place in which they can commence their path of self-discovery,  ready for what lies ahead.