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A.B. Paterson College Netball Club encourages participation# of senior students and parents and welcomes involvement in roles such as coaching, umpiringteam manager or volunteering  (refer below) in support of A.B. Paterson College’s Leadership and Community Service initiatives, providing mutual rewards, opportunities for leadership, a sense of achievement and features as an important part of the College community.

Should you be interested in any of these roles, please visit our designated web page for more information or contact the Club Secretary at netballclub@abpat.qld.edu.au.

#Please note valid Blue Cards are required for all volunteers (students exempt) wishing to participate in A.B. Paterson College Netball Club.

1. Coaching

Coaches are an essential part of our Club and assistance is needed to help support each of our age groups as we continue to grow and develop.

Coaching requires, as a minimum, a Foundation Coaching accreditation and completion of the online Beginning Coaching General Principles course. Coaches are also required to hold a current Netball Queensland membership and a minimum age requirement of 14 years.

The Foundation course is designed for beginner and club coaches. 

This is a 4 hour accredited course and includes Beginning Coaching General Principles, combined with the skills of netball. 

Foundation courses cover basic information on the game of netball, warm-up information including lots of warm-up games, coaching points of each skills, drills and activities for each skill, safe teaching and netball skills, programme planning and risk management. (Manuals will be provided to all course participants).

For more information regarding Coaching Development Programmes please visit Netball Queensland’s Coaching website.

Coach Job Description

2.  Umpiring

Umpiring is a great way for junior and senior students to learn the game of netball, better equip themselves as a player and a fantastic way to earn extra pocket money.

Unaccredited and shadow Umpires with Blue Vest (Learning)                           In training

Stage 1 – Beginner no longer wearing vest or requires shadow umpire          $5 per game

Stage 2 – Experienced Umpire having achieved Silver Badge                            $10 per game

Stage 3 - Expierenced Umpire holding C Badge                                                     $15 per game

Carnival Full Day - Qualified Umpire holding C Badge                                        $100 per day

Carnival Full Day - Non-Badged                                                                                $85 per day

Carnival Half Day - Qualified Umpire holding C Badge                                       $50 per half day

All umpires must complete and successfully pass a Level 1 Umpiring Course to be eligible for umpiring Saturday competition. For more information on all Umpiring Courses, please visit Netball Queensland’s logo below.

3. Team Manager

The Club Team Manager is responsible for the Administration and management of the team, together with assisting the Team Coach where required.

This hands-on role requires commitment and the ability to attend the team’s weekly training sessions held at the College on Tuesday afternoon and weekend games played at Runaway Bay.

Please note all Team Managers (students exempt) are required to hold a valid Blue Card.

Team Manager Job Description.pdf

4. Volunteers

The importance of volunteers is fundamental to the success of our Club. There are always volunteer roles that can be filled by College parents and senior students and we welcome your involvement.

Should you wish to become involved as a volunteer, please express your interest to the Club Secretary at netballclub@abpat.qld.edu.au.

Please note all volunteers (students exempt) are required to hold a valid Blue Card.

Volunteer Job Description.pdf

Club Duty Day Procedures.pdf


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