How does the enrolment process work?

From the initial enquiry, right throughout the decision-making process, we are here to help provide the information and guidance that will be an integral part of determining the right educational pathway for your child.

In the beginning, you will receive a copy of our prospectus, along with all other information relevant to enrolling at the College. The prospectus provides an overview of all the aspects of College life, although you will likely have more questions relating to the specific needs, interests and aspirations of your child.

Take the time to talk with our Head of Admissions, Mrs Karen Milburn, and arrange a personalised tour of the College campus – even if you have visited us in the past, you will see that things are always on the move!

Enrolment interviews with the Principal, or Assistant Principals, are usually conducted in the six to twelve months prior to the desired year of entry into the College. This will vary depending upon year level, availability of places and your own personal circumstances. For Prep enrolments, interviews are conducted 18 months prior to entry.

At A.B. Paterson College, we are always keen to talk with you about how we might support the educational journey you have planned for your family.

Are places currently available?

For the latest information on the availability of places, please contact our Head of Admissions, Mrs Karen Milburn, on 07 5561 4140 or email kmilburn@abpat.qld.edu.au

When should I apply?

Some parents apply for enrolment prior to the birth of their child, others a few years before the desired entry. As we address potential enrolments in order of date of application, applying as early as possible will give you the best opportunity for future placements.

Preference may be given to families currently or previously involved in the school. Students entering Prep must have turned four by June 30 in the year prior to entry, and for entry to Year 1, students will have turned five by June 30 in the prior year.

Will I be placed on a waiting list?

We do maintain a list of applications for families wishing to enter the College at some time in the future. Immediately you lodge an application, we work towards reaching the interview stage of the enrolment process, which naturally precedes the offer of a place.

Places are offered to those most likely to benefit from the College’s programmes and, generally, students are accepted in order of application.

Your application for enrolment will ensure that we consider your child for a place immediately the opportunity to offer you one becomes available.

At what year levels does the College accept students?

Students may enter the College at any year level.

The main “intake years”, however, are Prep and Year 7.

Currently, approximately 100 students enter at Prep each year. In Year 7, approximately 20-25 students join the College.