Early Childhood Centre

Pre-Prep - Banjo and Friends Early Learning Centre

Banjo and Friends Early Learning Centre commences the foundation of growth, education and care at A.B. Paterson College. Our wonderful Service is situated on the ground floor of The Winton Centre. Our three well-resourced Pre-Prep classrooms look out to floor to ceiling glass doors to an imaginative playground, providing boundless space for children to actively engage in purposeful learning experiences.

Our three Early Childhood Teachers along with our highly qualified and experienced educators have long connections within the College who strive on building strong relationships with each child and their family. The Pre-Prep program, implemented by our Early childhood teachers, is developed around the Early Years Learning Framework and The Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines. These documents form a foundation of pedagogy and support professional practice together with children’s individual interests, needs and school readiness. The QKLG provides specificity for children’s learning across the year before starting school, recognising that children bring with them diverse identities and backgrounds.

Banjo and Friends fosters working partnerships between the Service and the families acknowledging that parents/carers are children’s first teachers, and we value the vital role families play in children’s lives and their ongoing learning. We encourage active involvement and contributions to the Pre-Prep Programs.

Collaboration with the College enables the children to participate in extra-curricular activities including Library experiences, physical education and music lessons with College teaching staff. Children are exposed to optional extra prospects including swimming lessons, tennis and Japanese – a government initiative play-based learning program called ELLA. Our connectedness continues with a compulsory Pre-Prep uniform promoting children’s belonging and becoming within the College as a whole.

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2-4 Years - Early Childhood Centre

At A.B. Paterson College Early Childhood Centre our focus is on creating a warm, friendly, safe and caring environment, where all children can reach their full potential. The early years are essential in preparing children for school and the big wide world.

Our early childhood educators are dedicated to setting a new standard of quality education and care. We offer an environment where children from 2 to 4 years of age can thrive and create lifelong memories.

In our 2-3-year-old rooms, children are encouraged to explore, play, develop language skills, learn to self-regulate and develop their fine and gross motor skills.

In our 3-4-year-old rooms, children are busy developing their social and self-help skills. At A.B. Paterson College Early Childhood Centre, we focus on enhancing children’s self-image while teaching them to value and respect others.

As children progress through the Centre, their learning and development will be captured in Kindy Hub. This is an online communication tool parents can access for up to date information on their child’s daily activities.

Our educators develop exciting programs that extend on each child’s individual interests and needs, as based on our curriculum which adheres to the Early Years Learning Framework. These carefully crafted programs are designed to give your child learning opportunities involving nature, science, technology, literacy, numeracy, social and emotional skills, problem solving, confidence building and so much more.

Children at our centre are free to explore our lovely gardens and are encouraged to interact with nature and the world around them.

At A.B. Paterson College we place a high regard and value on family and community input and suggestions, using this information to develop and improve our programs and activities.

We hope you are considering A.B. Paterson College Early Childhood Centre for your child’s learning journey. Why not visit or call us to arrange a personalised tour today?