Early Childhood Centre

Welcome to A.B. Paterson College Early Childhood Centre, a place where children from two years old learn in a dynamic and caring environment. With rooms that are full of smiles and laughter, our children overcome challenges and act out possibilities through their play. Every day becomes a highlight, as children and staff participate in fun and exciting learning opportunities designed to bring the program and their imaginations to life. Our  A.B. Paterson College Early Childhood Centre also provides a seamless transition into our A.B. Paterson College Junior School.

Our program is based on life and learning skills, allowing each child to reach their personal potential. Children learn from: Larry the Lifeguard, Woof the Pat and play mascot, Barnyard Babies, Aboriginal elders, Bravehearts child protection educators, as well as the in-house programs designed and guided by our teachers. Children have swimming lessons, tennis and Japanese through the Government program ELLA, as optional extras.

Many families and staff members have been a part of this Early Childhood community for over 15 years and have experienced the Centre evolving while maintaining a sense of community and extended family that our service is known for. All staff have qualifications and experience above that required by legislation, and are a part of a caring and dedicated professional team.

Our facilities are clean, well-resourced and well-maintained with a strong emphasis on order, hygiene, and nutrition. All our meals are nutritionally balanced and cooked fresh daily, overseen by an onsite food safety supervisor.

Our exciting backyard play area is full of play-based learning equipment, inclusive of a dynamic playground and boasts extensive well-designed shade areas covering play spaces for children to be active, or find a quiet place to read. The flower and herb gardens become a hive of activity in the growing season, but also provide a perfect place for a picnic.