‘Drama is life with the dull bits cut out.’ - Alfred Hitchcock

Students at A.B. Paterson College are offered the opportunity to enrol in private Speech and Drama tuition with specialist Drama tutors. These lessons are timetabled for 30 minutes each week and are offered on a rotational basis, with preference for before and after school lessons given to Year 12 students. Students, who are enrolled in Year 11 Drama, are also offered the opportunity to audition for, and participate in, Senior Play. Many students across the College from Years 4-12, are also able to participate in the annual College musical to pursue their passion for acting.

Drama is offered as a co-curricular activity in our Youth Theatre programme. Students across Years 7-12 will be invited to audition for a place in the programme, and will participate in a variety of games, activities and productions best suited to their age and ability levels.