Cricket is the one true national sport of Australia and, as such, is an important part of the Semester 2 Sports program. We provide the opportunity for both boys and girls to represent the College in Cricket from Years 4–12.

Peter Brookes, Head of Cricket, is a Level 2 Coach, with over 15 years’ coaching experience in England and Australia. He is developing a cricket coaching program that will guide students from the Year 4 teams through to the First XI. Mark Nairn is the current First XI coach and brings a great deal of experience with him.

The APS competition is in a 20/20 format, which provides players with the opportunity to play exciting cricket that keeps all players involved in the action throughout the game.

Our coaching program focuses on developing the person as well as the player. We seek to develop not only the students’ understanding and ability, but also their love of the game. Cricket is an excellent sport for developing young people into leaders.