Community Service

Dennis House and Community Service

Dennis House fundraising in Term 4 is an important part of our House and College commitment.  We have formed a strong relationship with community members at Gold Coast Youth Services, who are a support service for Homeless youth on the Gold Coast.  Being a part of Dennis House is showing how we can use the virtues we have learned about in personal development classes in the real world within our community.  As part of this, we collect a number of items that include basic personal hygiene essentials and food. Each Junior School class, and every tutor group in the Senior School, is given a list of 25 items they need to collect. Once the list has been completed, all the goods are delivered to the Gold Youth Services Centre at Miami by College staff and Dennis students.  The gratitude, appreciation and humbleness displayed by the community members is something really special.

It is just as important that our students support the other Houses also in their fundraising efforts. For Dennis men and women alike are supportive of not just those in Dennis, but all members of the College.

In the words of our Dennis House Captain 2014 – We are winners of heart.

Lawson House and Community Service

Lawson House’s sense of community is no more evident than in our fundraising activities during the year. Lawson House’s commitment to the wider community and to charitable issues is highlighted in over $5,000 being raised for our nominated charity every year.  Appropriately named, our charity for the last few years has been the Door Knock Red Shield Appeal for the Salvation Army. Charitable activities are embraced by all students at A.B. Paterson College alike in raising funds for this worthwhile cause. Whether it be cooking delicious homemade moustache cookies by Senior School students, or colouring in Mr Potato Head by Junior School students, or supporting the raffle by donating wonderful prizes as a Lawson parent, the spirit, warmth and generosity of all those associated with Lawson House should be applauded.

Lawson House held a fundraiser last term for the Red Shield Appeal. It was important that our House, as well as the Junior and Senior School students, took part in donating money by buying goods from the bake sale, taking part in the Door Knock Appeal, submitting drawings for the colouring-in competition and, finally, contributing to the raffle draw. Thanks to all the efforts by students, teachers, staff and other families sponsoring the fundraiser. In total, we raised over $5000. Jesse and I are incredibly proud of what our House has achieved to date. Lawson Captain 2014 - Blaire-Anne Thomson

As Lawson House captains, it is our responsibility to demonstrate elements of leadership and House spirit around the College. It is important that senior students lead by example, as this serves to encourage the younger students to participate in the athletics, swimming and cross-country carnivals. Lawson Captain 2014 – Jesse Addams

Mackellar House and Community Service

Mackellar House, like the other houses of A.B. Paterson College also strives to serve the wider community.  With a primary focus of raising money for local charities, Mackellar House typically raises anywhere from three to five thousand dollars in one term through a variety of student-led projects and events.  These funds either go directly to the charitable organisations themselves, or are used to purchase materials and equipment for which those organisations may find a need.

Wright House and Community Service

As with the other three Houses, Wright House has a strong tradition in fundraising, and in mobilising the whole College to give up for those in most need. Over the last five years, Wright House has encouraged the College to get behind World Vision and the milestone of the 40 Hour Famine, raising over $54,000!! The important messages of empathy, courage and integrity are shared, when students are learning about the plight of those in Rwanda, Ethiopia and Cambodia. All students are encouraged to participate – from the Junior School coin trail, placing coins onto the shape of the world; colouring competitions to raise awareness; stalls at the P&F Fun Fair and then, of course, students doing or donating to the 40 Hour Famine.

Alongside these important understandings, students take on leadership roles, speaking at House and year level assemblies; presenting at Senior or Junior School assemblies; running World Vision’s simulation  of ‘Survivor Ethiopia’; assisting at fundraising events; or organising bake sales and competitions. This means that students from Prep through to Year 12 are involved in service learning, leadership, raising awareness, and understanding and working together in teams – great for 21st Century learning.

To me, Wright House spirit isn't just achieved by getting 100% involvement in all activities, but more by ensuring everyone is having a great time and really enjoying being a part of the House. 

Chloe Gash - Senior Wright House Captain 2014