College Captains' Welcome

Meet our College Captain for 2017, Samuel King.

Welcome to A.B. Paterson College!

My name is Samuel King and I am extremely humbled to have been appointed College Captain for 2017. 

As a student who has been at the College his entire life, I understand the important role of a school as a second family for every child. One element that makes A.B. Paterson College so unique as a family, is the sense of community in which everyone is accepted and supported by both staff and students. From my beginnings in the Early Childhood Centre, I have witnessed this personally, watching my cohort develop and accept new members with open arms.

A.B. Paterson College was founded in 1991, with the intention of creating a school that develops young men and woman of character. Central to achieving this vision is the system of Australian values that underpin the way in which we interact with each other every day. The College motto of Excellence, Care and Commitment comprises three of the core values, that are not merely words, but guiding principles instilled in every student attending the College. 

After officially joining the A.B. Paterson College community in 2001, I have watched the College develop and grow to ensure it remains at the forefront of independent schools on the Gold Coast and beyond. The addition of facilities, such as the Collaborative Learning Centre and the Lilly Pilly Learning Centre, has ensured the College remains at the leading edge of not just infrastructure, but also its ability to deliver 21st Century learning skills to students across all year levels.

With the highly effective Teaching for Understanding framework at the centre of the College’s pedagogy, students are taught to apply theoretical knowledge to real world situations, in order to gain a deeper understanding of what they are learning. It is this framework that is teaching students the aforementioned 21st century learning skills, such as collaboration and critical thinking, skills that will be integral in their future careers. As such, I have already found that these theoretical skills have applications far beyond the classroom.

A.B. Paterson College, being a Prep to Year 12 school, creates a unique environment that fosters friendship between all members of the College, regardless of year level. I know from experience that the junior students always look forward to the time they spend with the Senior School each week, as well as their participation in the many other activities run to foster whole school unity.

Moving forward into 2017, together with College Vice Captain, Erin Cronin, we will strive to lead the College with conviction and enthusiasm, alongside the extremely motivated senior class of 2017. Furthermore, I encourage every student to step out of their comfort zones and take this new year as an opportunity to further involve themselves in College life. Personally, I have gained so much from my participation in a wide range of College activities and I implore other students to do the same.

If you would like to visit us, just contact the College and speak to Karen Milburn, Head of Admissions, on (07) 5561 4140 to make an appointment.

My name is Erin Cronin, College Vice Captain for 2017, and I am delighted to welcome you to A.B. Paterson College.

Being appointed to the position of College Vice Captain for this year is a great honour, and I am extremely grateful to have been granted this incredible opportunity. 

Having entered the College in 2010, I soon realised that I was not just a student, but part of the close College community that sets A.B. apart from other educational institutions. This community, which fosters the growth of each individual and encourages each child to become involved in the numerous co-curricular activities offered, has been vital to shaping me as a person, and has provided me with countless opportunities. 

A unique part of the College is the wide range of co-curricular activities that each student is encouraged to take part in. These activities have numerous benefits, including creating inter-grade friendships, and providing students with numerous leadership opportunities. As an active member of a variety of clubs, societies and troupes, including Musical, Honours Society, Public Speaking, Debating, Mooting and many more, I have experienced first-hand the benefits that come from taking part in these extra-curricular activities. The College not only runs these programs, but encourages each student to take-part in them, developing new passions and forming friendships outside the classroom, further developing the sense of unity within the College community. Furthermore, these activities provide leadership opportunities that develop the character of the students, creating mature and responsible young adults who are prepared for the next chapter in their lives after graduation.

The College mission, “To challenge the individual to achieve, and to act with purpose and character” is instilled in all students each and every day, by encouraging them to pursue their passions and become involved in the College community. This leads to the College consistently producing remarkable young men and women of character, who transition seamlessly into further education or the work force, and who are mature and hold true the values of Excellence, Care and Commitment. These core values underpin the framework and development of the College, in turn encouraging each student to do the best they can, care for themselves, the College, and its wider community, and to put 100% effort into everything they do. It is because of this that we remain at the forefront of education on the Gold Coast, and throughout South-East Queensland, and our students are always welcomed into the wider community with open arms. 

A.B. Paterson College is not just a school, but rather a community in which each student can grow and develop their skills, and create friendships to last a lifetime. This year, alongside College Captain, Samuel King, and a motivated and enthusiastic group of College Leaders, we will strive to leave our own legacy, one that encompasses our vision of a unified College in which each student feels accepted and an important part of the student body. It is our goal to create the best environment in the College, and I hope to give back to the community that has given, and continues to give, so much to me.