College Captains' Welcome

Meet our College Captain for 2018 - Rachel Hoch

What differentiates a good school from a great one? In my final year of schooling, I have come to appreciate what makes our College one of the finest.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to A.B. Paterson College!

We boast a diverse community that is both accepting and compassionate. Since commencing my journey here, in Year 5, I have experienced first-hand the willingness of our College students to go above and beyond the routine demands of school. This generosity of spirit among our students will create a positive and uplifting schooling experience for your child. The meaningful connections that have formed over the years, across all year levels, are a testament to the personal character of A.B. Paterson College students and make me proud to call them my fellow pupils.

We are fortunate to have a brilliant array of teaching staff constantly on-hand to support all students on their individual learning pathways. This contributes to the remarkable ethos of excellence, care and commitment associated with our College. The commitment of the teachers, coupled with the caring and nurturing environment of A.B. Paterson College, ensures students are given every opportunity to fulfil their potential.

The development of each individual student remains a central focus within our College community and the wide range of impressive facilities offers everyone the chance to try something new or build on their strengths. Sporting fields, the Sir Edward ‘Weary’ Dunlop Multi-Purpose Centre (DMPC), a state-of-the-art 25m swimming pool and well-equipped gym encourage sporting involvement at every level. As a swimmer, the positive encouragement and advice I received from our coaching staff paved the way for me to pursue a career as a competitive athlete.

Innovative teaching approaches have forged the success of the Collaborative Learning Centre (CLC) in which students are given the freedom and space necessary to advance their own personal learning styles. It is exciting to witness the ongoing investment and development of the College with a new building under construction, ensuring we remain at the forefront of education.

Diversifying into the co-curricular areas of debating, musical productions, Duke of Edinburgh, and the various clubs on offer is a pivotal aspect to any student’s schooling life. It teaches and develops the fundamental skills of communication, team work, problem solving and leadership. The skills I have learnt through debating have allowed me – in my role as 2018 College Captain – to speak comfortably in front of an audience, to improve my impromptu speaking ability and to effectively convey my point of view on a given topic.

The Year 12 students of 2018 will strive to enhance the reputation of our College, whilst building upon the excellent culture of inclusion and involvement within the student body. With an initiative titled ‘A.B. Positive,’ it is our hope as leaders to inspire, motivate and encourage students to be more involved and strive to exemplify the A.B. Paterson College motto in all aspects of their lives.

Meet our Vice-Captain for 2018 - Adrian Rajkamal

If you believe that education is more than academic performance alone, and is – in fact – about challenging the individual to achieve, and to act with purpose and character, then you have found the right community.

Welcome to A.B. Paterson College!

Our College excels in its vision to develop young men and women of character – leaders now and for the future. I had moved schools many times during my childhood, but it is A.B. Paterson College that has enabled me to make significant leaps in my academic, sporting, musical, and public speaking abilities, while also playing a significant role in the development of my character, and strength of mind.

Although our College maintains an exceptionally strong academic record, it is our leadership development that forms as the core of our values.

Leadership, from what I have learnt, comes down to mentality, and action, and I feel that this is skilfully developed in our College, through the continual challenge and guidance of students.

Through a plethora of co-curricular programs, exceptionally talented and caring staff, innovative educational pedagogies (particularly the Teaching for Understanding framework), leadership programs, and the warm and hard-working community, our College challenges each student to develop into the strongest, and kindest versions of themselves. This is evident among our Old Collegians, many of whom continue to serve and give back to the community, as an act of gratitude, for the truly exceptional introduction to adulthood that our College provides.

When I joined A.B. Paterson College in mid-2012, the first thing I noticed was the care that students and teachers have for one another. I realised, not only are students so open to all members of their respective cohorts, strong friendships are formed between students of all ages, creating an extremely kind and powerful support system within the student body. I had never seen such an emotionally connected group of young people in my life, and it continues to be the most heart-warming part of this College; something, I feel, that is truly unique and beautiful about this school. It is something that I look forward to, every single day I come here.

Alongside 2018 College Captain Rachel Hoch, and with the support of a very diverse and talented team of staff, College Leaders and students, I am grateful to be able to give back to the A.B. Paterson College community that continually gives us all so much.