College Captains' Welcome

Meet our College Captain for 2019 -
Michaela Wilson

Schools are often perceived simply as a place to learn; to sit within a classroom and listen to a teacher talk. Attending A.B. Paterson College has taught me this is far from true.

If you want to be welcomed into a lively community that inspires you to learn, broaden your horizons and develop a sense of purpose, then A.B. Paterson College is definitely the place for you. Welcome!

A.B. Paterson College community is one that demonstrates how a school may truly resemble a home away from home; steering from traditional learning tactics to a more innovative, interactive and personalised curriculum that is tailored to the individual.

Having been at the College for nine years, I have experienced the familial environment first hand, our teachers’ love for their jobs and my peers’ passion for learning. With inspiring staff who make every student feel valued and supported, learning within a classroom becomes significantly easier and more enjoyable. In both Junior and Senior Schools, teachers go out of their way to construct engaging class lessons that inspire students to learn and are more than willing to offer assistance wherever needed.

Recent refurbishments and constructions at the College have revolutionised lessons, with the most modern of technology and facilities setting new benchmarks in education. Whilst encouraging strong personal growth, such progress further allows for group collaboration and comfortable spaces where absolutely everybody is welcomed and able to excel.

Complementing the high teaching standard, A.B. Paterson College offers an extensive range of co-curricular activities that embolden individuals to break personal boundaries and step outside comfort zones to explore new areas of interest. With student talent demonstrated in classrooms, on sporting fields and stages, the College strives to welcome every individual and cater to their needs. The wide-ranging opportunities allow students the chance to acquire vital life skills useful for years beyond school, and guide them towards finding their purpose and becoming the best versions of themselves.

The A.B. Experience is like no other: it takes education to a whole new level in a positive environment that encourages students to want to learn. There is never a shortage of new activities to explore, nor extraordinary teachers willing to offer assistance, and every individual is welcome.

I look forward to leading the Year 12 cohort and wider community as we build upon the extraordinary success of A.B. Paterson College, and seeing what 2019 brings for us all.


Meet our College Vice Captain for 2019 -
Max Tyler

A.B. Paterson College community is warm and welcoming to all. It is a spirited and inclusive College which has an indisputable bond between cohorts. A.B. Paterson College establishes and fosters ​leaders, brings the absolute best out of every student and is a community where you can build lifelong friendships.

Having had the experience of studying at many schools prior to my commencement at the College in 2011, I am proud to now call A.B. Paterson College my home. It is a school which develops character and supports every student’s endeavour towards success, both Academic and Co-curricular. The education offered at A.B. Paterson College goes far beyond academic performance to embrace all aspects of learning.  

A.B. Paterson College is a modern and dynamic College, surpassing all expectations of what a school should offer. It is a College that caters for all learning styles, enabling students to accomplish their best. The College provides access to some of the most advanced technology and learning equipment, allowing students to personalise their learning experience and make the most out of their studies.

Teachers at the College are passionate and inspiring. They are committed to making each and every student’s learning experience both insightful and engaging. The teachers at our College offer tutorials outside of school hours for every subject, and if you ask for help, they will not rest until you are confident in your understanding. College Staff go above and beyond the call of duty, and this is evident in the classroom through their passion and devotion to their students.

I have been fortunate enough to be able to take advantage of so many life-changing opportunities the College has to offer. I have been given continued support and career counselling, which has opened doors to a vast range of universities and businesses allowing me to form important connections for the future. In addition, I have been offered many opportunities outside of the College, simply due to the outstanding reputation A.B. Paterson College has within the community.

A.B. Paterson College is unique. While it is constantly improving and evolving with new infrastructure, teaching resources and methods that re-define a modern classroom, the College still maintains its traditions, values and beliefs. Every student embodies, and takes pride in, the College motto of Excellence, Care and Commitment.

I am so grateful to be a part of, what is to me, a second family and immensely proud that I have been given the opportunity to be a Leader of the College for 2019. My final year will be both an exciting and challenging year, however, I am confident that with the support of the College community, 2019 will be a year to remember.