Academic & Music Excellence Scholarships

Students interested in applying for these Scholarships must undertake the following:

  1. Complete the appropriate Application form;
  2. Register and undertake the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) Scholarship Examination, held at the College; and
  3. Submit further documentation, if required.

Those students short-listed from the above requirements will be invited to an interview with the College Principal.

Students, who wish to apply for a Music Excellence Scholarship, must also undergo an audition on their instrument of choice. Occasionally, Music Bursaries are offered and these provide free Music lessons at the College. Please note that students who accept a Music Excellence Scholarship in Years 10-12 must study Music as an academic subject in these years.

A separate Scholarship, the E.J. Klimowicz Voice Excellence Scholarship is available for students currently in Years 6 - 11. 


Academic and Music Excellence Scholarship Application Information