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  • 14th July, 2017

News from the Winton Camp

A.B. Paterson College Year 6 cohort is preparing to rug up for a third night of single digit temperatures, during the 9 day 2017 Winton Camp. The students, 7 staff and 4 accompanying parents may be freezing, but the bright smiles in these photos are warming the hearts of forlorn Mums and Dads, who anxiously await their return. 

In darkness, on Wednesday morning, 12 July, excited children boarded their buses- affectionately named Banjo, Matilda and Mini Paterson- to set off on a 3,000 kilometre Outback adventure of a lifetime. First stop, Picnic Point in Toowoomba, then onto Miles. There was a hearty afternoon tea at The Big Rig in Roma, before the children settled down for the first of two cold nights in Charleville.

The children have explored the Norden Bomb Vault at Charleville Airport, and paid a visit to the Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Parents have already reported seeing changes in their children, with photographic evidence that they really do know how to wash dishes! Imagine the growth they will see in them after 9 days!

It’s true, we have come a long way since the days of the old bush telegraph. But our photographer, Head of Outdoor Education, Mr Sole is battling poor network coverage and going to great lengths to send images back to the school, to keep parents updated. We know you will understand that the students are on the move, and camping far from internet cafes. 

Our thoughts are with Year 6 parents, who will find their homes to be very quiet this weekend, but we hope the photos will ease your concerns. From all reports, they are having a magical time.

To watch one of the Winton videos click here. There are also lots of photos on the College Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/abpatersoncollege.


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