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  • 7th June, 2017

Pre-Prep Warm Up for the Start of Winter

The Buzzy Bee's Pre-Prep have been super busy in our classroom exploring and role-playing having campfires within home corner, so we discussed as a class having a real campfire one winter morning.

The children were all very excited in the lead up to the campfire. We discussed safety around fires and what we would need to do to keep safe.

We explored what a fire needs to burn - oxygen, fuel and heat. We also explored turn-taking, sharing, helping our friends and communication skills as we worked through this activity. The children loved cooking campfire marsh mellows with their long sticks, they enjoyed eating them nice and warm too! 

The children had an amazing time, as did Miss Tracey and Miss Carolyn. We also had Kermeen as a parent help and Nikki Ward, assisting us where needed during our campfire morning tea. 

Tracey Kenny – Early Childhood Centre Teacher

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