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  • 1st June, 2017

APS Volleyball Results Round 6

Boys Volleyball Round 6

Team ABPC SOM Most Valuable Player In the Spirit
ABPC Junior A 0 3 Mason Teasdale Ethan Jong
ABPC Junior B 2 1 Ali Mohammad Jared Tang
ABPC Int A 4 0 Reece Hogan & Declan Fitzgerald Amit Nair
ABPC Open A 0 3 Geordie Pearson Andre Martin
ABPC Open B 0 3 Joseph Moxey Thomas Allison
ABPC Open C vs SOM 0 3 Benjamin Swanson Jai Flack
ABPC Open D vs KCC 0 2 Brandon van Heerden Alexander Couvaras

Girls Volleyball Round 6

Team ABPC SOM Most Valuable Player In the Spirit
ABPC Junior A 1 2 Sophia Chen Bita Shahidzadeh Mahani
ABPC Junior B 0 3 Maria Nguyen Ruby Storey
ABPC Int A 2 1 Isabelle Anderson-Schmidt Evie Rounsley
ABPC Int B 3 0 Annie Fang Scarlett Wells
ABPC Open A 2 1 Somer El-Ghobashy & Jayde Hartfiel Jordi Dysart & Leishia Liu
ABPC Open B 2 1 Xanthe Negi Ezza Khan
ABPC Open C vs EMM 2 0 Mia Carrigg Lauren Taylor

Junior Volleyball News

On Friday, 26 May, the Junior A and B Boys Volleyball teams played against Somerset College, coming away with a win and a loss.

The Junior A team won the toss and decided to start the round serving the ball, and although the boys had some excellent rallies, they were unable to get on top of the Somerset College serve.

For the Junior Boys B team, victory was much harder fought. The B team served impressively and scored consistently, however, the competition appeared more evenly matched, with the boys winning the first set convincingly, but the second set was point for point and went into extra time. The boys finally won out, which was the longest and toughest set the team has played all season.

Overall, the boys performed well and have improved greatly since the start of the season. They are continuing to improve their skills and are coming together as strong teams.

Congratulations to both the Junior A and B Boys Teams!

Sonya Earl - Coach

In the Junior School, we would like to congratulate the following students for their great performance in Round 6:

Year 6 Boys
Most Valuable Player – Joe Ziukelis
In the Spirit – Anmol Bhangoo

Year 6 Girls
Most Valuable Player – Jessica Woodend
In the Spirit – Niesha Garbharran

Year 5 Boys
Most Valuable Player – Ethan Achterberg
In the Spirit – Eden Knopke

Year 5 Girls
Most Valuable Player – Sara Mohajer-Iravani
In the Spirit – Amana Islam

Year 4 Boys
Most Valuable Player – David Xu
In the Spirit – Noah Padowitz

Year 4 Girls
Most Valuable Player – Stephanie Lincoln
In the Spirit – Bella Chen

Ms Caitlin Sterry & Ms Pam Willoughby - Coaches

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