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  • 17th May, 2017

Year 5 Science Unit ‘Kaleidoscope’

On Friday, 12 May, Year 5 students visited the Senior School Science laboratories to carry out a number of investigations linked to our Term 2 Science unit titled, Kaleidoscope. There was much enjoyment and engagement as the students worked scientifically exploring the wondrous properties of light, how it behaves and how it can be altered due to the processes of reflection and refraction.

One such investigation involved students shining a light from a ray box light source onto a plane mirror. It was observed that the light ray reflected at the same angle as it hit the surface of the mirror.

Another investigation carried out in the science labs involved shining light from a ray box through various prisms. Each student formed a hypothesis; describing what they thought would happen to the light when it came into contact with a prism. After forming a hypothesis, it was observed the light rays appeared to bend or refract due to the speed of light changing as the light moved from one medium to another.

The experience was a truly valuable one for the year level and we look forward to future science lab experiences and investigations.

Year 5 Teachers - Kerrie Moore, Jemma Findlay, Georgina Burrows and Jana Kubaska

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