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  • 2nd May, 2017

Year 6 Science Unit in Term 2

To grow or not to grow, that is the question Year 6 students have been asking themselves as part of our Term 2 Science Unit.

Students have become scientists to observe the effects of different conditions on plants; to ultimately discover how the physical conditions of an environment alters the growth and survival of living things. Students formed groups and decided to test one of the following variables: different types of soil, different types of fertiliser, and different amounts of water or different concentrations of salt solutions. They created a plan for the experiment and wrote hypotheses before embarking on the most exciting past of all: the planting!

Over the past week since planting the seedlings, students have been eagerly watering their plants, taking measurements and noting qualitative data in order to help them determine which condition will indeed grow the greenest, healthiest plants.

We cannot wait to keep observing our plants and find out if our hypotheses were supported by this investigation!

Year 6 Teachers - Vennessa Paul, Zoe Kirwan, Rebecca Taylor & Tim Collins

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