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  • 21st April, 2017

A Life Without Ballet is Pointe...less

Beneath every strong, independent young women, lies a little girl who had to learn how to get back up again.

This is more than true for Year 11 College Honours Program student and ballet dancer extraordinaire, Isabella Crain, who was given multiple offers at various prestigious ballet schools throughout Europe and will soon call Switzerland home, as one of 28 students worldwide, to be awarded a place to train for two years, at the prestigious Rudra Bejart Ballet School.

Isabella was the only Australian chosen out of the 28 selected worldwide for this ballet school, and will be leaving A.B. Paterson College at the end of this term, taking up ballet as her full time study to hopefully go on to be accepted to a Ballet Company, and in turn, making ballet her career.

Few would be aware that, Isabella, wheelchair bound for almost a year, and in severe pain from a rare nervous system illness when she was 11 years of age, spent months in hospital unable to walk, with extreme physio sessions, Isabella had to learn how to use her feet again.

With plenty of time to think, Isabella, having never danced before, said while in hospital, that if she was ever to get out of this wheelchair and walk again, she would like to be a ballet dancer.

As part of her recovery, Isabella’s Grandmother bought her a little ballerina figurine that they would place a few metres away for Isabella to try to walk to.  As the ballerina figurine moved further away for her to walk to, Isabella was one step closer to dreaming her way out of her chair and back on to her feet for good.

Completely out of her wheelchair less than one year later, Isabella put on her first pair of ballet shoes, was training at Amanda Bollinger Dance Academy, received the highest result in her class for her first exam and very quickly caught up to everyone else her age.

Isabella’s journey is proof that it costs you nothing to dream, and everything not to!

The decision for Isabella to leave the College and take up ballet training in Switzerland was a difficult one for the Crain family.

Mrs Crain would like to express her admiration for the nurturing environment of the College Community and the enormous part that plays in the growth of a child.  Mrs Crain gives a very special thanks to Brian Grimes, Lana Milton, Stuart Sullivan and all of the staff in the Arts Department.  Mrs Crain added that Isabella could not have gone this far without the immense support of the College staff.

You will be able to read Isabella’s full story in the June edition of Vision Splendid 2017. 

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