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  • 24th November, 2016

AMEB Piano Exam Results

Piano Tutor, Inge Lass Piano Exam results:

Students (pictured above) from Inge Lass’s piano studio at A.B. Paterson College achieved outstanding results in their recent AMEB piano exams.

Evie Kim                          Grade 3 Piano                      A Honours
Ashley Williams              Preliminary Piano                A Honours
Alex Roberts                   Grade 3 Piano                      A+ High Distinction
Elie Kim                           Preliminary Piano                A Honours
Derek Luo                       Grade 3 Piano                      A Honours
Rianna Webster             Grade 6 Piano                      B Credit (not pictured)

More than 50 of my students also performed admirably in their piano recitals held at the Dawn Lang Performing Arts Centre this week. All their hard work has certainly paid off, and they have done the College, their families and piano teacher proud. Well done, everyone!

Inge Lass - Piano Tutor


Piano Tutor, Di Reynolds Piano Exam results:

Congratulations to Erin Cronin, Dylan Foote and Danni-Kate Stock for receiving Honours in their recent AMEB Piano exams. This is an excellent result for these hard working and dedicated students.

Di Reynolds – Piano Tutor


Piano Tutor, Ashleigh Miles Piano Exam results:

Zoe Cannen                              95%              Distinction
Midori Lance                           93%              Distinction
James Hirst                              98%              High Distinction
Pakawan Kasiwat                   96%             High Distinction
Jessica Harrison                     97%              High Distinction
James Harder                          95%              Distinction
Timothy Yau                            83%              Credit
Jonas Longhurst                     94%              Distinction

Ashleigh Miles – Piano Tutor



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