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  • 5th March, 2015

Year 2 Visit Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

On Thursday, 26 February, the Year 2 cohort had the exciting opportunity of visiting Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary as part of our Science unit Ready Set… GROW!

The students were so excited to see some of our native Australian wildlife and learn about their lifecycles. They enjoyed a pat and chat with Ranger Penny, where they had the chance to pat an echidna, blue tongue lizard and a carpet python. The students asked inquisitive questions about the animals’ lifecycles and how they grow and change.

After the show, students were able to go and pat the kangaroos and watch a crocodile behaviour show, where they saw one of the largest saltwater crocodiles they had ever seen.

After lunch, students explored the rest of the park and had a play on Wild Island Adventure Park. The students were exhausted by the end of the day and there were some sneaky naps on the way home on the bus.

Dana Anders – Year 2 Teacher

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