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  • 24th July, 2020

Commissioning of 4th Principal/Head of College

On Thursday, 23 July 2020, A.B. Paterson College celebrated the official Commissioning of Ms Joanne Sheehy as our 4th Principal/Head of College, following her appointment in January by Executive Principal/ CEO, Mr Brian Grimes.

A beautiful ceremony was held in the Dawn Lang Performing Arts Centre – the event, live streamed to students, staff and families.

A.B. Paterson College community congratulates Ms Sheehy and looks forward to a new era of leadership for our Arundel campus.

Executive Principal/CEO, Mr Brian Grimes, opening the Commissioning Ceremony 

L-R: Mr Grimes presents the College Scroll. The Scroll is a reminder of our Principal's obligations, duties and the wonderful gift and privilege of school leadership.
A.B. Paterson College Board Chairman, Mr David Tanner, presents the gift of our College key. The presentation box includes the message, 'May every door and every heart be open to you'.

L-R: Director of Finance, Mr Sam Kanoun, presents the gift of a pen. The pen serves as a reminder of the power of words used when leading our campus.
Year 1 Teacher and Old Collegian, Mr Trent Davis, presents the gift of a scroll. The scroll bears the names of all students from the Class of 2032, as a reminder to Ms Sheehy of the young people entrusted to her care.

L-R: 2020 College Captain, Sascha Lawton, presents the gift of a candle
Friends of A.B. Paterson College Chairperson, Mrs Lisa Lang, presents the gift of a statue of Andrew Barton Paterson. The statue reminds Ms Sheehy of the trust placed in her by our parents.

L-R: Year 12 College Leader, Rianna Webster, performs The Irish Blessing
Year 10 student, Charles Morris performs The Recessional at the conclusion of the Commissioning

L-R: A.B. Paterson College Chamber Choir, conducted by Ms Rachel Newcombe and accompanied by Ms Lexene Marquenie
The Class of 2032 proudly watch a live stream of the Commissioning of Ms Joanne Sheehy as the 4th Principal/Head of College of A.B. Paterson College.

L-R: The Class of 2020 Scroll and the symbolic key to A.B. Paterson College, presented to Ms Joanne Sheehy, during her Commissioning Ceremony

L-R: A.B. Paterson College Early Learning Centre students presented Ms Joanne Sheehy with the gift of a handmade card to celebrate her Commissioning.
The Early Learning Centre displayed a sign in the morning congratulating Ms Joanne Sheehy.

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