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  • 19th March, 2020

Farewell Mrs Willoughby

Over the past few weeks students who have moved through Year 6 at A.B. Paterson College have had the opportunity to write down their fondest memories of Mrs Pam Willoughby as she retires from our College after 19 years of dedicated service.

We have unfortunately had to cancel the assembly we had planned for her farewell however our current and past Year 6 students have filled four giant cards with their heartfelt thanks to Mrs Willoughby for her influence on their journey through our College.

I will miss the happy times we had together, including Winton when she would help us when we were homesick, and at school with organising flags, events and mainly helping me with my maths and always coming in with a big smile on her face, making everyone happy and enthusiastic.  Charlotte Jones, Year 7

Thank you for being such an amazing teacher aide when we were younger and continuing to support us in our Senior years. You will be greatly missed, but we hold such fond memories of you. Georgia & Blake Charnley, Year 11 & Year 8

Thanks for helping me and teaching me new things. Thanks for helping me in Maths when those tricky times come and for everything you have done. Noah McQueen, Year 6

I remember Mrs Willoughby always bringing in eucalyptus leaves for my stick insects in Year 4! She always shared some wisdom as to how to set them up in my cage which, thinking back now, is pretty funny. Alex Cannen, Year 10

I remember at the Disco she would dance with us and make me laugh… Mia Lee, Year 7

Thank you for helping us through every challenge we have faced. Zara Khan, Year 8

You have made such an incredible impact on so many different students, including me. I love you so much Mrs Willoughby’ Tayla Van Heerden, Year 7

Mrs Willoughby is highly regarded by her colleagues for the wonderful contribution she has made to the faculty. She is positive, supportive and a great listener – a conversation will inevitably leave you with a smile and a laugh. She has been a tremendous team member.

She is one of the hardest working, most loyal and endlessly optimistic colleagues we have all had the good fortune to work with and she will be missed by our students, their families and also by us. Her tireless work for her Year 6 students and staff, as a positive and supportive colleague, will be missed most of all.

Of all Mrs Willoughby’s strengths, one that we have most appreciated and admired is her leadership. No job was ever too big or too small, no issue too trivial, and she always accepted responsibility for a range of projects, delivered with poise, grace and positivity.

Mrs Willoughby will be dearly missed by the College and we wish her well as she embarks on the next chapter of her life.

From All College Staff and Families

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