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  • 13th February, 2020

Year 9 Activity Days

Year 9 students participated in a two-day program, tailor made to give them the skills necessary for this formative year in their high schooling. The program began with a full day workshop by the talented motivational speakers of Success Integrated that created a program called Shape your Destiny.

In this workshop – hosted by motivational speaker, Himal and his assistant PJ the DJ – the students went on a journey of self-discovery talking about topics such as passion mapping, talent discovery, and discovering your purpose, then aligning these skills to career profiles. The best part of the presentation was the practical skills that were developed through fun mini games such as the Mini-Olympics, t-shirt relays and self-reflection meditation time. There was something in this for everyone, with the students finishing the activities at the end of the day with energy and questions to spare which reflected how much they had enjoyed the program.

On Friday the students broke up into Houses for some silent relay organisation games which were fiercely contested between Mackellar and Lawson House. Luckily, prizes were available for everyone who participated, and it was a nice opportunity for students to mingle and meet students they might not otherwise think they had much in common with.

The last physical activity proved to be a real hit with small teams aiming to beat each other by building the highest towers with nothing more than paper, which proved to be highly entertaining. The teachers watched in delight as teams madly built super tall structures to finish the tops of their towers without ever considering how they were going to be stabilised at the bottom. Fortunately, there was a good life lesson in this about planning to succeed by putting in the effort to design and discuss, as a team, a strategy for success.

The second day was rounded off with a presentation by Dean of Senior School, Ms Brook around ATARs and the process of Subject Selections later in the year. All in all, it proved to be a highly enjoyable two days together.

Mark Olivier – Head of Wright House

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