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  • 6th February, 2020

A First Taste of Japan for our Preps

Minasan, tatte kudasai. KONNICHIWA! (Everyone, please stand up. HELLO!)

These were the very first words our Prep Japanese students heard last week in what was, for the majority of them, their first exposure to the Japanese language. When asked what Japanese things they already knew, every Prep class student replied SUSHI, with big sheepish grins on their faces.

This term, our students will learn greetings, bowing etiquette, saying one's name, the meaning of cultural celebrations, such as the bean throwing festival called setsubun, among many other exciting things with Barriga Sensei.

Our preppies will also sing many songs and do lots of modern and traditional dancing.

So Prep parents you are forewarned, if your child starts randomly singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in Japanese, don't be too alarmed!

Michelle Barriga
Assistant Head of Languages

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