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  • 9th October, 2019

Career Pathways News

Australian Defence Force (ADF) Information Sessions

For details about these events and for information on Army Reserve Information Sessions, visit the Defence Jobs Australia Facebook site.

Upcoming Events:
12/10/2019         7th Combat Brigade Open Day Brisbane
15/10/2019         Gold Coast Army Reserve Information session Robina
17/10/2019         Gold Coast Coms & IT Careers Information Session Robina
23/10/2019         Gold Coast Careers for Indigenous Australians Currumbin
24/10/2019         Officers Information Session Brisbane

In Year 11 and interested in the Australian Defence Force Academy or the ADAF Education Award?

The optimum time to apply for entry into the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) is Semester two of Year 11. Year 11 students who are interested in an attractive salary while studying Arts, Business, Engineering, Information Technology, Science or Technology at the ADFA are encouraged to commence their application this year. You can explore life at ADFA and start your application on the ADFA website, or ring 13 19 01. Before you do this, read about the ADFA Education Award.


Preparing for SAT

Sitting for exams is stressful - but sitting for the SAT doesn’t have to be. The College Board and Khan Academy have teamed up to provide free SAT practice resources for building confidence and reducing the stress of SAT preparation. You could also win a platinum, gold, silver or bronze prize! Visit the website to find out more.

Year 11s - you can start thinking about apply for direct entry into ANU for 2021

You can apply direct to ANU for 2021 and get an early conditional offer. This will allow you to focus on what’s really important - completing your final year.

Direct applications will open March 2020. You can apply if:

  • You will complete your Year 12 studies in 2020 or an International Baccalaureate Diploma in November 2020
  • Your Year 12 studies or International Baccalaureate Diploma need to be completed in an Australian school
  • You will be applying for an undergraduate program that starts in 2021.

What you need to know:

  • There is no application fee
  • You will be required to meet the co-curricular or service requirement
  • You will apply for admission, guaranteed accommodation, and over 200 scholarships all in one application

Click here for more information.


Aviation Australia Flight Attendant Training

Aviation Australia delivers a flight attendant Cabin Crew Employment Course and Cabin Crew Preparation course at its Brisbane campus. The courses are available for people wishing to learn more about this career. These courses are non-accredited courses that can be completed in five weeks. Upon graduation, graduates receive a portfolio of completion certificates and access to Employment Services. For further general course information including course modules click here.

Qld School of Film and Television workshops in October

QSFT will hold the following half-day workshops from 9 am – 1 pm at their Annerley campus, 22 Warwick Street, Annerley:

  • Saturday 26 October 2019 - DIRECT IT: Introduction to Directing.
  • Saturday 23 November 2019 – FILM IT – Introduction to video production
  • Saturday 7 December 2019 – EDIT IT – Introduction to Editing workshop     

Register an expression of interest in attending a workshop here.

SAE Qantm Creative Media Institute Study for a Day

Are you interested in studying Animation, Audio, Graphic Design, Film, or Games? If so, study with SAE Qantm for a day to experience student life at its Brisbane Campus in West End. This is a great way to experiment with the creative media fields. It will be held from 9 am – 4 pm on Saturday 19 October 2019. For more information and to register, visit the event page on the SAE Qantm website.


Changing preferences before you receive an offer

You have three free preference change sessions. During each session, you can change the order of course preferences, delete preferences or add new preferences (except for courses with fixed closing dates that have expired). Once you save your changes, you have used one of the three free preference change sessions. Your forth (4th) or more change sessions will incur a $44 fee/change session. View the How can I change my preferences? video for more information about changing preferences. Note: If you are going to conditionally accept an offer you will need to have/use one of your change sessions to resubmit your preferred QTAC courses, particularly important for those who receive a TAFE offer in November but still want to be in the running for university courses in the December and January offer rounds.

Did I get an offer? - Check your emails regularly

QTAC will usually communicate with you using the email address on your application (this should be your personal email - not your school email). This is also how QTAC lets you know you have an offer. Get into the habit of checking your emails regularly … think of linking your emails to your smart phone to make it easy for you to regularly check. Read Pages 18 and 19 of your QTAC book for more information.

Educational Access Scheme (EAS) applications

If you indicated on your QTAC application that you intend to apply for the EAS, it is important that you submit your EAS cover sheet and supporting documents to QTAC by uploading directly into your online application as soon as possible - preferably by the end of October. See your Guidance Officer/Counsellor if you require assistance with your EAS application. You can apply for EAS after you have submitted your QTAC application. Ring QTAC to tell them this is what you are doing. Download the relevant cover sheet from QTAC’s EAS webpage, complete it, attach the supporting documentation if required and submit it to QTAC.

Have you submitted your QTAC application?

If you are still yet to apply, consider applying ASAP and before Term Four becomes totally hectic (as it will). The absolute final date to apply for courses commencing in Semester One, 2020 is:

Round Offer                      Due date to apply and submit documents           Final change to preferences
15 November 2019            8 November 2019                                                          Not applicable
23 December 2019            6 December 2019                                                           10am, 16 December 2019
15 January 2020                13 December 2019                                                         4.30pm, 8 January 2020

Click here for a list of the QTAC deadlines. However, you need to be aware that by these dates, many of the courses with fixed closing dates are no longer available and that many Year 12 students have already received early offers.

How to Respond to an offer

Visit the Offers webpage for specific information about responding to your offer. It is essential that you respond by the due date (within four (4) days of receiving your offer). If you don’t, your offer will lapse, and you will not be considered for any other offer rounds. When you receive an offer, you have three response options to choose from:

  • Outright accept
  • Conditional, with no change of preferences
  • Conditional, with change of preference

For each of the response options you can accept, reject or defer your offer. If you do miss a due date, contact QTAC ASAP. Also, it may not be wise to reject an offer. If you are considering doing this, first contact QTAC on 1300 467 822 to discuss this move. For more information about responding to offers visit the QTAC website.

Manage your application

After you have lodged your application, it is a good idea to use Application Services to go back into your application from time to time to check:

  • If you have received any correspondence from QTAC about your application
  • If you are meeting the entry requirements
  • To find out your OP ineligible rank (if applicable) in late December.

There is also a Q&A section that will answer many of your questions.

QTAC application number

You may need this number when applying for scholarships. This number was on the last screen of your QTAC application after you paid the application fee. It is also in your application confirmation email. This number has nine digits and starts with ‘20’.

Review your course preferences when you receive your results

QCAA will mail your Year 12 results on Friday 13 December 2019. You can access these results from your Learning Account on the Student Connect Website from Saturday 14 December 2019 instead of waiting for the mail to arrive. It is important to review your QTAC preferences, particularly your ‘Pathway’ preferences (5th and 6th) based on your results to ensure you have included a good safety net in case you do not receive an offer in your higher preferences.

Updating contact details on your application

After you have lodged your application, you can use the Application Services webpage to change your postal or home address, email address, phone number, password, security questions, or authorised person details. You need to phone QTAC on 1300 467 822 to change your name, date of birth, citizenship status, gender, Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander status or qualification details (this includes if you want to submit an Educational Access Scheme (EAS) application after you have already submitted your QTAC application).

Year 12 Subject Adjustment Schemes

Some universities offer adjustment factors when you successfully complete specific subjects in Year 12. Adjustment factors are additional ranks that are used in combination with an applicant’s OP or other rank to derive their adjusted selection rank. Each university has its own scheme and adjustments impact on courses differently. You don’t have to apply for these schemes as adjustment factors are automatically given when you apply for courses through QTAC. School subject adjustment factors only apply to Year 12 qualifications (e.g. OPs, IB and OP ineligible ranks) on leaving school. The following information is a summary of Year 12 Subject Schemes at universities that offer them:

Australian Catholic University – A maximum of 5 adjustment factors can be allocated through ACU’s Year 12 Subject scheme. Subject adjustment factors are based on results in Year 12 subjects relevant to the course you are applying for at ACU. For more information, see the ACU website (Scroll to ‘Year 12 Subject’).

Griffith University – A maximum of six points can be allocated under Griffith University’s school subject adjustment scheme for the successful completion of up to three of over twenty Year 12 subjects as well as university subjects. The maximum adjustment factors that a student can receive under all Griffith adjustment schemes is capped at 8. Some courses are exempt from this scheme, including B Medical Science (MD Provisional Entry for school leavers) and B Dental Health Science. For more information, see the Griffith website.

Queensland University of Technology – A maximum of 8 adjustment factors can be allocated for the successful completion of Maths C, a language other than English, Physics, Engineering Technology and Aerospace Studies (for Engineering single and double degrees only) and university subjects (i.e. Through START QUT). Adjustment factors do not apply to courses with additional entry requirements, Dean’s Honours and Dean’s Scholars programs and scholarships that require a minimum OP. QUT will allocate a maximum of 10 adjustment factors in total. For more information, see the QUT website.

University of Queensland – Through the Subject Incentive Scheme, a maximum of five adjustment factors can be allocated for the successful completion of Maths C, a language other than English and university subjects (i.e. The Enhanced Studies Program). Adjustment factors do not apply to scholarship applications but do apply to Doctor of Medicine (Provisional Entry applications). For more information, see the UQ website.

Note that adjustment factors are not Ops. They are QTAC selection ranks. To allocate adjustment factors, your OP is converted to the QTAC 1-99 (highest) selection rank scale to which the adjustment factors are applied. You are then considered for admission based on your new rank. For a table that compares OP with QTAC selection ranks, visit the QTAC website (click on ‘Applying interstate’ and ‘View the OP, ATAR and QTAC selection rank conversion tables’).


Year 12 questions

When will I get my Queensland Core Skills Test result? – You will be able to access these results from your Learning Account on the Student Connect website on Wednesday 13 November 2019.

When will I get my Year 12 results? – The QCAA will mail your results on Friday 13 December 2019 to the address your school has for you (so make sure your school has your current mailing address). You can access your results before the mail arrives from your Learning Account on the Student Connect website on Saturday 14 December 2019.

How do I login to my Learning Account? - You will need your LUI and password to login to your account. You can get Login Help from the Student Connect website if you encounter any problems. You can also download the ‘Student learning accounts user guide’ from this site. Ask your school for your LUI number if you can’t find it … before you leave!


ACU: Admission pathways to teaching

ACU now offers a B Educational Studies which acts as a pathway during the first year of studies into a guaranteed position in one of the following education degrees:

Click here more information about pathways to becoming a teacher at ACU.

Bond: Book a campus tour

If you want to discover more about what it's like to study at Bond, then book a campus tour for you, your family and your friends where you will hear from a Bond Student Ambassador. Tours will take between 45 minutes and 1 hour. Book your tour here.

Bond: Experience Day in October

Bond invite Year 10 and 11 students who want to experience Bond over the course of a day. The Experience day on 21October  will see you take part in simulated lectures and tutorials, enjoy interactive activities, meet our professors and current students and get to know your way around the campus. Check the website for registration details. 

Bond: Headstart Day

Headstart Day is on Monday, 21 October 2019 and is free to attend for Year 10 students. As part of Headstart Day you’ll hear from our Career Development Centre on how to future proof your career. They’ll share what university is really like with some tips for academic success before you get there.

Bond: National High School Mooting Competition

Bond University’s faculty of Law conducts a national mooting competition for Year 11 and 12 students in front of real judges, barristers, legal professionals and academia. The competition is by invitation only. The preliminary rounds will occur in the first six months of 2020. Click here for more details on the competition and how to get involved.

CQU: Courses with additional entry requirements

In addition to applying through QTAC, students wishing to gain entry to the following courses are required to register for an audition.

Access the registration form on the audition website. This site also has the audition locations and dates.

GU: How will the ATAR be used for admission to Griffith?

From 2021 the ATAR will be the admission pathway for Year 12 students applying to study a Griffith undergraduate program. Adjustment factors, including a Year 12 Subject Adjustment may be added to your ATAR after it has been calculated. If you're a local and new to tertiary study, you may be eligible for priority access into Griffith University. This scheme awards two location adjustments when you apply for programs at Gold Coast and Logan campuses. If you are eligible, adjustment factors will be automatically applied to your QTAC or UAC application. For more information scroll down to ‘Gold Coast and Logan Priority Access Pathway’ here.

GU: Acting and Musical Theatre Summer School 2020

If you have a passion for acting, musical theatre or both, Griffith Uni is running a week of singing, dancing acting and performance. During the five-day course to be held from 20 January to 24 January 2020, students will work with some of the country’s top acting and musical theatre specialists in class and rehearsals for the end-of-week public showing. Acting workshops will include improvisation, scene work (contemporary and Shakespeare) and clowning. Click here for more information and to register.

GU: GUEST program applications open for Trimester Three 2019 and Trimester 1 2020

The Griffith University Early Start to Tertiary Studies (GUEST) program provides senior students with an opportunity to study Griffith university subjects while still at school. 2019 Year 11/2020 Year 12 students are eligible to apply for a GUESTS course if they are an ATAR or IB student, achieving a minimum grade of C (or Satisfactory Achievement) across all subjects, including a General English, or equivalent grades in interstate ATAR or IB Diploma subjects and meet any other subject prerequisites. You will also need to have approval from your school and the support of your parents or guardian. You can choose courses across 11 different faculties. Current Year 11 students are invited to apply for the third trimester of 2019 (28 October 2019 – 31 January 2020) and/or first trimester in 2020 (from 24 February – 29 May 2020). Applications for both trimesters close on 15 October 2019. Visit the GUESTS website for details and to apply.

QUT: START QUT - Apply now for university experience program

START QUT gives you the great chance of finding a course you’ll enjoy by trying out university subjects while you're in high school. Applications are now open and close on 31 October. Read more about the program and a day in the life of a START QUT student

QUT: Entry programs and upgrading pathways

Students can maximise their chances of gaining entry to QUT by also including entry programs and upgrading options in their list of QTAC preferences in case they miss out on the OP/rank for their preferred course.

Study Assist - information about government financial assistance

The Australian Government provides financial assistance in several forms to young people wanting to take on a study program. On the Study Assist website you can find information about:

  • What to do before you study
  • HELP Loans
  • VET Students
  • Support while you study
  • Paying back your loan
  • Need more information

UQ: 2020 Enhanced Studies Program (ESP)

High-achieving Year 11 students are invited to apply for this program for an opportunity to study a university subject in Semester One of Year 12. Applications close Thursday 31 October 2019. Visit the ESP website to download a brochure and to apply.

Upcoming Events:
31/10/2019         UQ: Applications for the 2020 Enhanced Studies Program (ESP) close

Jeanette Maxwell
Head of Pathways

Source:  Options Bulletin

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