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  • 5th September, 2019

QCS – Class of 2019, Congratulations!

2019 marks the last year of the QCS examinations in Queensland and the Class of 2019 planned to make it the best year yet. After a year of preparation working through numerous multiple-choice, short response, writing task workshops, twilight sessions and two full practice tests, the Year 12 cohort was ready to embrace the challenge of the Queensland Core Skills Tests.

The air was thick with anticipation on the morning of September 3rd as the students banded together to support each other and ready themselves for the day ahead. Mr Grimes shared his words of wisdom, offering heart-warming support for the days ahead and reiterating that each and every student had the full support of every member of the College community on these days. College Leader – Spirit and Community, Peterson Chiu, increased everyone’s energy levels by leading a chant for the cohort. His energy and enthusiasm left each student with a smile on their face as they made their way to the DMPC to commence the Writing Task.

The overall context for the Writing Task was pertinent, asking the students, ‘What next?’ and they found themselves discussing and debating climate change, the future of technology or what the future holds for them. Having completed the first paper, the students relaxed and relished in a delicious Italian feast carefully prepared by the incredible Year 12 parent volunteers. Afternoon tea brought a celebration of grand proportions with College Captain, Michaela Wilson, cutting the cake on behalf of the cohort to mark the halfway point of the two days of testing. The students were delighted to indulge in the outstandingly creative cake themed around Monsters Inc drawing on the cohort’s chosen quote for the year, "If your dream doesn’t scare you, it isn’t big enough." 

With the end in sight, the second day of testing started off with high energy and excitement as the group went over their final tips for the short response paper. The Class of 2019 was on the home stretch, completing the final two exams; the short response test and the second multiple choice test. As the exam supervisor finally said, ‘Pencils down’ the entire cohort breathed a huge sigh of relief. QCS was finally over!

As relief sank in, the students were welcomed with a delicious ice cream buffet for afternoon tea where they each had the opportunity to debrief, relax and celebrate the achievement of completing two full days of exams. On behalf of the Year 12 cohort, College Captain, Michaela Wilson sincerely thanked the parents who gave up their time to make these two days so special. The support of the parents and staff made a huge difference to each student’s experience, making each exam that little bit more bearable.

With QCS complete, the Class of 2019 now looks ahead to a final term at the College and the next milestone in sight – graduation!

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Charlotte Brook – Dean of Senior School

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