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  • 13th August, 2019

Year 1 English Adventures in The Winton Centre

Given an opportunity to explore and learn in our beautiful new precinct, The Winton Centre, the students of 1B and 1D enthusiastically ventured into The Billabong room, for a collaborative double English lesson, filled with rich discussions and laughter – and four writing superheroes!

This exciting session began with revision of each of the four VCOP (Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation) characters and the power they bring to students’ writing when used appropriately.

As a group, we discussed Vinny Vocabulary who is a word wizard and the leader of the VCOP gang. Vinny is the knight in shining armour who helps make one’s writing amazing by encouraging writers to use WOW words and really interesting language. With his pencil sword and protective helmet, he can fight off boring words and capture brave and exciting words that make writing sparkle and shine!

We then moved on to explore Connie Connective. Connie is an inventor and her job is to fix things and help students with their writing to connect sentences together. She helps writers to use some cool connectives in their writing to make it great. Connie knows that too many connectives will make a writing piece weaker, so she encourages writers to join their sentences together powerfully!

Next, we moved on to Ollie Opener who is a show-off and an attention seeker, always leading the way. Ollie understands that a great opener will grab the reader’s attention. He will help writers use some interesting words and phrases to start their sentences.

Finally, we revised Penny Punctuation who makes sure students’ writing is organised and has a structure. As Penny takes each writer on an adventure, she teaches students how to use different forms of punctuation to create fabulous pieces of writing.

The students then formed smaller groups and engaged in rich oral discussions with their peers. As the Year 1 students have been studying Mini Beasts in Science, each group was given an interesting image of an insect to use as a stimulus. The students then described their mini beast using adjectives and as many features of VCOP as possible. It was wonderful to see all students so engaged with this task as they welcomed their peers’ different thoughts. The purpose of The Big Talk process is to allow all students to verbally share as many ideas and words as possible; with the view to explore new and exciting vocabulary along the way whilst engaging in rich language stimulation.

Please enjoy reading a few of these oral language discussions, recorded below:

The shiny blue dragonfly flew across the meadow. Anushka Khosla, 1B

The ultra-green grasshopper leaps over the enormous field. Jacob Peterson, 1B

The large, sharp praying mantis jumped onto the small spider. Ryan Wang, 1B 

The spotty red and black ladybug was nibbling on a leaf that was bright green and very, very, yummy! Emily Wong, 1D

The spotty big butterfly flew quickly around the garden. Agastya Vemula, 1D

The slow but slimy snail has a shiny slippery shell on its back. Mia Xu, 1D

All students had a wonderful morning collaborating with their peers and are to be commended on their great efforts – well done boys and girls!

Trent Davis – Year 1 Teacher

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