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  • 12th August, 2019

Year 11 QCE & Units 1 & 2 Update

For those parents with students currently in year 11, I am writing to keep you updated with our progress through QCAA Units 1 and 2 – and beyond!

As we approach the end of Term, Year 11 students will sit their final examination for these two units - which is based upon all of the principles and concepts studied since the beginning of Term 4, last year.

As you know, examinations test retained knowledge and application of this knowledge – which demonstrates an understanding of concepts.

Without effective revision and practice at applying concepts to unfamiliar questions, it would be very difficult to attain a good mark in an examination.

Thus, with just over three weeks to go to the examination block, it is advised that all students set up a revision schedule, review notes from previous terms - and put in the hard graft of learning material, in order that they have the foundational knowledge to apply to questions in the examinations.

Whilst there will be extensive revision programs during class time, and plenty of practice with examination style questions, this must be supplemented by work outside of lessons.

Whilst Units 1 and 2 are formative, and results do not contribute to an ATAR calculation, they do contribute credits to the Queensland Certificate of Education. Thus, passing all the assessment this year is important.

Units 3 and 4, which begin next term, are summative and do contribute towards an ATAR calculation. Students will have experienced all three internal assessments and mock external assessments – exactly the same assessment types the students will experience in Units 3 and 4 - in both Year 10 and Year 11 in preparation for next year.

Endorsement is the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) moderation process that pre-endorses every Year 12 internal assessment task prior to them being released to students. College teaching staff have worked hard to finalise the first two of these ready for submission to the QCAA next week.

The Curriculum Team working with subject experts has reviewed all of these assessments to ensure that they are within the scope of the syllabuses.

The College has a number of staff members who have been accepted as official Endorsers by the QCAA - this has provided us with experience of the forthcoming external moderation processes.

The introduction of the aforementioned external assessment is a key feature of the new QCE and ATAR system. The examination period for Year 12, will be from Monday, 26 October to Tuesday, 17 November 2020.

To give a sense of what external assessment will be like, the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority has just published sample papers on its website at: https://www.qcaa.qld.edu.au/senior/senior-subjects

They are located in the assessment tab on each syllabus page.

College teachers will incorporate these sample resources into their lessons to help students prepare for next year.

This week, I wrote to the students suggesting that they view these sample papers but did remind them to be aware that they have not yet been taught any of the Unit 3 and Unit 4 content!

An information sheet, which you might find helpful, is also available on the QCAA website.

On a related note, the Assessment Calendar for the Senior School provides an overview of the assessment program for each subject. It includes the type of assessment and due dates. You can access this via Parent Lounge, then choose “General Links” from the “School Links” drop down menu. There is a separate page (tab) for each year level in the senior school. This calendar remains a ‘live’ document as during the year there may be adjustments to dates and tasks. 

Next term, students in Years 10 and 11 will be commencing new courses as they embark on Units 1 and 3 respectively. A new calendar for these courses will be available at the start of Term 4.

Richard Worsey
Director of Teaching, Learning and Special Projects


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