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  • 26th July, 2019

$20 Boss Program

In Week 2 and 3 this term, the Chisholm Courtyard will transform into a bustling marketplace, with Year 10 students selling their wares as part of the Foundation for Young Australian’s $20 Boss Program.

Each Year 10 business student received $20 start-up capital that they have invested in a small enterprise to help make the world a better place. They will use this experience as part of their assessment for Term 3.

Products on offer include upcycled pencil cases, adorable animal-themed pins, succulents, soaps, and a variety of delicious food and drinks.

Each business has a social or environmental cause they are championing, ranging from tackling obesity, waste and overconsumption, to helping improve soil nutrition in Africa.

Come along next week to support these worthy causes –  market stalls will operate during morning tea on Monday and Tuesday, and lunchtime on Wednesday and Thursday. There will also be delicious drinks available before school on Tuesday and Friday in the Maths Courtyard.

Kate Clauson
Assistant Head of HASS


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