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  • 5th June, 2019

Prep Scientists

As part of our Science studies on the weather and changing materials, we invited Professor Jellybean into our Prep courtyard.

We arrived at the ‘laboratory’ ready to get involved and learn more. We took our positions, donned our laboratory coats and slid on our safety glasses.

Surely all snowballs melt? Not in the Prep science aboratory. We created brightly coloured snowballs and learned all about how materials can be changed physically and chemically.

Who doesn’t love slime? We investigated the properties of the slime before and after the chemical change. Professor Jellybean guided us to put our slime in the sun ‘to charge’ and imagine our excitement when we discovered that we could view our luminescent slime in the dark!

Thank you, Professor Jellybean, for visiting Prep and answering our endless science questions.

Angie Hall, Jacinta Lauder, Peter Nicholls and Elisa Sutherland
Prep Teachers

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