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  • 14th May, 2019

Year 2 Visit to Hinze Dam

Water, water everywhere and so much to drink! In Week 3, our Year 2 students jumped on a bus and whizzed off to Hinze Dam.

Students engaged in a number of learning activities. They explored the dam wall and were exposed to the history of the dam. They learnt about flocculation by adding chemicals to the water to clump the dirt ready for treatment. Water conservation was at the heart of everything they did, finishing off with an activity that demonstrated the differences in the amount of water we use.

The excursion took a slithery turn when the children were running around merrily and, all of a sudden, there was the discovery of a snake. To the teacher’s relief, the native guest turned out to be harmless.

Some of our students reflected upon their big day out:

“I found today fascinating.” Lillian Wang, 2Y

“I learnt that there is enough water for three years if there is a drought.” Daniel Woods, 2R

Year 2 Teachers – Daisy Ross, Mary Youngman, Samantha Middleton and Kylie Schumacher

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